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Best AI Voice Generators For Facebook Videos

Do you need to voiceover your Facebook videos? Then you can’t turn your back on text to speech!

Social media are online platforms that allow individuals from all over the world to connect. With millions of people using these communication instruments regularly, marketers may find the majority of their customer base in one spot. Due to their unrivalled reach, strength, and exposure, social media has no equal in terms of corporate communication nowadays. Therefore, no business, big or small, can overlook the value of having a social media presence.

Take Facebook, for example. With 2.91 billion monthly active users in 2022, it is the most ‘engaged’ social media site. According to data, around 36.8% of the world’s population now uses this social network. For that reason, it continues to be the most popular social media platform. Additionally, Facebook’s global advertising audience is 2.109 billion people, accounting for 72.4% of the platform’s total active users.

Best AI Voice Generators For Facebook Videos

Based on that information, publishing videos on this platform can be a big win for organisations. But your company requires neither a big budget nor a lot of time to produce them. Text to speech (TTS) technology can convert any text into a read-aloud discourse. That way, you can turn written words into a narrator. So here are great AI voice generator choices for Facebook videos:


Best AI Voice Generators For Facebook Videos

With the help of artificial intelligence, Woord provides excellent synthetic sounds that seem like authentic human speaking. The software supports 28 languages and 50 distinct voices (including dialects and accents) and different-gendered (male, female and neutral) spokespeople. Furthermore, it gives you greater control over the audio with advanced audio options and an SSML editor. So you can manage aspects like rhythm, tone, and breathing at will.

For free, Woord offers these features, OCR technology, MP3 download and a Chrome extension. As a result, this service delivers you more tools than required to excel in your Facebook videos. Get access to everything by signing up. With this action, you will receive two audio and 20,000 characters monthly.

Free TTS

Best AI Voice Generators For Facebook Videos

Free TTS also has high-quality audio due to Google Machine Learning. The software enfolds 25 languages, each supported by one to four voices. Consequently, it can be a good option for converting your video’s script.

All in all, its user interface is simple and does not require registration. And Free TTS can transform up to 5,000 characters of text into audio per API call and 6,000 characters every week without spending a penny.

Text-To-Speech Tool

Best AI Voice Generators For Facebook Videos

If this amount of characters isn’t enough and you still don’t want to pay for a service, Text-To-Speech Tool is the answer. This software makes no mention of cost, and there doesn’t appear to be a character restriction for the text.

Moreover, Text-To-Speech Tool uses voices from well-known sources such as Amazon Polly and Microsoft TTS. Thus, you will get high-quality outputs in 18 languages, each with its own set of speakers. Settings like volume, rate and pitch and mp3s are also accessible.

We hope your business finds this knowledge useful!

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