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Best Alternatives To Docparser For Extracting Data

Get to know some powerful alternatives to Docparser in this article. You will realize how easy it is to extract data.

The Importance Of Data

Nowadays the world moves and relies on data, especially digital data. This refers to those little pieces of information that store crucial information about companies, individuals, industries, and more. With the examination of the data that compounds these organizations, they can carry out self-evaluations and act upon the results.

Moreover, data refers to knowledge that will bring value to your company. Hence, it is probably surrounding all parts of your company. You can find social media data and company data, just to name a few. One of the most important pieces of data is gathered in images and documents. For instance, receipts, bills, checks, pdfs, and so on. Even though at first it can be hard to understand how to extract the information, it doesn’t have to be. This is why APIs like Docparser currently exist.

Docparser API

Docparser is an application programming interface that characterizes because of its OCR technology. With the aid of core words, powerful analytical thinking, and zonal OCR techniques. Docparser recognizes and extracts data from Microsoft, PDF, and graphics files. Therefore, the API is one with advanced features that will make easy such extraction.

You must understand that if you want to extract data, the best way to do it is through OCR technology. Hence, you should always opt for an API like Docparser. After all, OCR is the software that permits those data extractions to take action in the most fulfilling and reliable way.


Therefore, with the introduction of OCR, you will be able to get all that important data of yours. As a result, you can carry out better views and examinations into your company. Plus, you will also introduce an API that will help with the organization and storage of such data. Evidently, Docparser is a great API but there exist some other alternatives. I will add them below!

Alternative To Docparser:


Optical Character Recognition API

The Optical Character Recognition API is a truly powerful alternative to Docparser. Just like this one, the OCR API thrives on its capacity to extract data just in seconds. This task is possible for all kinds of documents and images in JPG and PNG. Yes, the most popular and recognized ones!

Moreover, the OCR API is one that will be perfect for different actions. For example, to organize data, reduce cost in the actual paper, facilitate the analysis of texts, and way more! The API provides an advantage to enhance all parts that surround your company. Hence, its introductions do not think much thought!



Ocrolus is another alternative to Docparser. The API is an automation solution that will process all kinds of pages and docs.  Of course, it thrives in OCR technology which permits the API to capture those important texts on the documents.



To finally end, Verify is the last alternative to Docparser I will add here. This API is one that has a direct focus on invoices and customer receipts. Hence, the API will get you all the regarding those kinds of essential documents.

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