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How To Extract Data From Mortgage Applications With This OCR API

Learn more about OCR technology and how it has benefited businesses worldwide by reading this article. When optical character recognition technology first appeared in the 1970s, it was intended to help blind people learn. However, several businesses realized that this technology had enormous potential for transferring written information to computers.…

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Best OCR API To Extract Danish Text From Images

To learn more about OCR technology and the advantages it provided to businesses worldwide, read this article. Numerous technologies exist that can boost business productivity. In most situations, the aim is to use it to make the workforce more effective and productive by automating processes or saving time. Artificial intelligence…

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Best OCR APIs For Extracting Text From Social Network Images

Read this article to learn about OCR technology and how it has helped businesses everywhere. Optical Character Recognition technology emerged in the 1970s as a solution for learning with visually impaired people, but some companies saw the great potential of this technology for transferring physical text to computers. In the…

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Use An OCR API For Replacing Slow Paper-driven Processes

Know about an OCR API for replacing slow paper-driven processes. This tool will fasten up and automate those time-consuming activities.  Let’s Talk About Paper-driven Processes Today’s world is one that is technological and fast, now companies use modern advances in order to enhance their performances and procedures. Automation is the…

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How To Extract Data From Driver’s License Using An OCR API.

An OCR API is a tool that works with accuracy in order to extract information from a driver’s license. Find here how! Let’s Talk About Driver’s License A driver’s license is a legal document that allows civilians to drive vehicles. This is a document that possesses confidential and important data…

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How To Scan Affidavits Data Using An Optical Character Recognition API

Affidavits are legal documents that possess important information from individuals and external sources. Extract their data with this OCR API. Do You Know What Affidavits Are? An affidavit is a written declaration made under oath. It must be signed by the individual named in the declaration. The document has a…

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