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Best Alternatives To I2OCR.

When it comes to great Optical Character Recognition APIs, I2OCR has a leading role; but the market has other great alternatives we’ll approach here.

The Advances Of The World

Nowadays we live in a world that characterizes because of all the advances it has achieved. The enhancement of machines, tools, and processes has resulted in the reduction of manual work. Also, it has facilitated the production of works and tasks, while at the same reducing the use of physical documents and paperwork.

Hence, while jobs are being simplified also positive aspects are being developed in terms of the environment. Let me tell you this is all thanks to the help of OCR APIs like I2OCR. Application Programming Interfaces have opened the door to astonishing worldwide and business upgrades. These have unchained the creation of powerful tools with OCR technology.


OCR Technology

As was briefly mentioned, the world is constantly evolving faster and faster. This is a consequence of the consistent technological breakthroughs that have opened the door to even brighter ideas. Yes, the OCR technology is one of these!

Optical Character Recognition is a technology that allows companies to be able to get texts and information from documents in a digital manner. As a consequence, the introduction of OCR APIs like I20CR has become a key factor in organizations. This is due to the fact that tasks are simpler, documentation is completely digital, time is way more valuable, and so on. 


The I20CR API extracts text from images of scanned photos and documents. Through the use of the API, written text can be transformed into images. Hence, it is able to generate documents that are editable, browsable, indicators, and statistical. 

Moreover, the I2OCR also works for a variety of tasks. For instance, the inclusion of text-to-speech for people who are blind or visually handicapped, the entry data for commercial documents like invoices, bank extracts, invoices, and more.

I2OCR Alternatives


The Optical Character Recognition API

If you want to know about alternatives to I2OCR, the first option we must mention is The Optical Character Recognition API. The API is fast, accurate, and easy to comprehend. This OCR API is one that is able to capture every single character and text from any documentation. For example, IDs, contracts, and even vehicle plates.

Moreover, an aspect that defines the API is its JSON responses. Once an URL is introduced to the API, it will provide the data extremely fast. Hence, your company will receive the information in seconds.



Veryfi is another great 12OCR alternative. This OCR API also captures symbols and patterns with ease. Hence, it provides accurate data to companies. It essentially focuses on documentation like invoices and bills.



To end this article, we must make mention Ocrolus. This is an OCR API that brings a lot of benefits to the table. For instance, it has an accuracy of almost one hundred percent, it has a fraud detection feature, and way more.

To know even more about Optical Character Recognition, read the following article:

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