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Best Alternatives To Meteonorm

If you are a developer and want to create an application for the building industry, read this post! Building teams must know the weather before starting to construct a house, for example. And with an API that brings time information, you will kill the market! In this article, we suggest you better alternatives to the Meteonorm weather API. Don’t miss this information, we assure you it is worthwhile.

The weather has an impact on every part of our lives as well as every industry of our economy. Because the weather is unpredictable, we rely on forecasts for guidance. Sometimes all we want to know is what to wear, while other times billions of dollars or thousands of lives are on the line. If you use a weather tool you may improve agricultural yields by giving per-field rain data on a national scale. They also provide insurance firms with correct hail data, assist pilots in avoiding fog, and optimize rescue operations during floods. And, of course, could save your construction team from losing a day under the rain.

Meteonorm Weather API

One of the most commonly used weather data APIs is Meteonorm. For digital applications, this web service API and Dynamic Link Library (DLL) provide platform-independent access to data and models. The ultimate version is based on the same core and meteorological data as the previous ones. By specifying a site’s latitude and longitude, it returns normal meteorological data.

Besides, Meteonorm parameters can be returned in hourly or monthly increments. And the values are available in a variety of forms, including JSON, XML, and CSV. In addition, you can use the web service to calculate the topography’s horizon line as well as the height. Although it is the most complete weather API -application programming software, it will cost you more than 100 dollars for the basic service. That’s why we make a list of options that you can afford!

weather data

Top Three Of The Alternatives To Weather API

Current Weather and Forecast API

weather data

Current Weather and Forecast API will offer you weather data like rain, hail, wind, hog, and more! All the responses will be on Python and JSON, two of the most common programs. If you need to know if tomorrow will rain, first you have to sign in. You will have 50 calls with the free subscription. The only things needed are a ZIP code, the latitude and longitude, and the name of the city. The building sector will be thankful to save time and prevent labor accidents!


This free and non-commercial API will give you access to precise weather predictions. Meteoblue has a vast range of meteorological factors accessible for every place on the planet. Your team will obtain weather forecast data accessible 7 or 14 days in advance. It also covers historical weather for the previous four days. They are based on in-house nowcasting and machine learning technologies. Customize time zone, location, preferred format, units, forecast, and historical duration to meet your specific requirements!


weather data

WeatherAPI delivers weather and location data through a JSON/XML restful API. It makes it incredibly simple for users to construct desktop, online, and mobile applications using this data. For rapid integrations, we also provide SDKs for common frameworks/languages accessible on Github. Using it you will have a 14-day weather prediction in real-time, past and future information, astronomy, warnings, and more.

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