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Best Alternatives To OpenWeatherMap In 2022

Do you know the OpenWeatherMap API? Would you like an application with the same -or even better- features but a half price? In this article, we are going to talk about the best weather data alternatives to your forecast application. 

Weather influences practically every aspect of our life. Climate factors such as fog, rain, and snow have a strong impact on work and international travel. Our health is affected by the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we consume. Also, our safety is in danger every time events like hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods happen. 

In these circumstances, we can predict weather conditions and occurrences thanks to satellites, radar, remote sensors, and other weather monitoring technology. But it’s better to rely on a service that is constantly updating all kinds of climate data. We call them weather APIs and they have a big source database where they can obtain current and past weather registers. 


A famous example of a Weather API is OpenWeatherMap. This software is part of a collection of weather data APIs offered by OpenWeather for a variety of chronological data sources. It provides you with 30 days of climate predictions, a daily forecast for 8, hourly for 2 days, and minute by minute for 1 hour. You can also have historical data for 40+ years back and national weather alerts. The information comes from climate broadcast services globally and over 40,000 stations. And the way they work is through crowdsourcing. 

best alternatives

The platform also provides a free alternative that allows you to 5 days/3 hours forecast API, weather alerts, and maps. The option counts with 60 API calls, which is significant if we consider the number of requests a big client could make. Especially if they have to run a business related to agriculture or traveling. Besides, it is built in JSON/XML integration format, which makes it easier to combine with your projects.  

But using it is not the only way. There are so many good APIs that will give you the same or even more information at a lower cost. If you need to upgrade your freemium plan to premium itself, you must pay 30 USD on the startup option. And that is a lot considering other APIs that work with the same principles.

The Best Alternatives To OpenWeatherAPIMap That Will Hit 2022 

Current Weather and Forecast API

best alternatives

This API will obtain current weather and forecasted data for 5 and 16 days. For collecting the pertinent information, you would have to proportionate the name and the ZIP code of the place you want to check. Also, the latitude and longitude option will make your search more precise. Using Current Weather and Forecasted API, you can integrate climate information into any website or application. Their sets are carefully chosen to include exactly the information and formats you require. The free option has 10 calls per minute and paid plans are from 24 USD in advance. 

Weather Company Data Package

Weather Company Data Package has a cloud-based data API access that allows you to get current and forecasted conditions and seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts. You could also revise lifestyle indices, severe weather alerts, and historical weather data. By combining business data with meteorological data you may provide the groundwork for any outdoor activity you need to do. If you want more features you have to subscribe to the paid plan in which you must pay 24 USD to make 10 requests per minute.

Best alternatives

StormGlass AI has a complete global grid that automatically selects the appropriate weather source depending on performance. It offers high-resolution forecasts for up to 10 days ahead as well as historical data. The global weather information you will get contemplates temperature, pressure, visibility, and wind speed. In addition, you have marine conditions like swell height, sea level, water temperature, and ice coverage. There is interesting data about astronomy, agriculture technology, and solar energy too. All paid plans start from more than 20 USD. 

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