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Best Alternatives To The Wunderground Weather API

Were you a Wunderground Weather API user? Don’t worry! In this post, we’ll present you with the Best Alternatives To The Wunderground Weather API.

In the realm of weather APIs, Wunderground Weather API was one of the best options in the market. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. And, that’s exactly what happened in 2018 when Wunderground Weather API was acquired by IBM. And IBM, in turn, decided to cease the API’s operations. Therefore, causing a big loss to the industry, and an enormous gap in its former place.

But, maybe you just stumbled upon this article without having any knowledge of what we have been talking about. Well, there’s no need to click away or worry; because, right now we’re gonna start with a quick recap just for you.

What are APIs?

APIs ( Application Programming Interface) are interfaces that allow applications to talk to other applications. Therefore, they are the basis of a vastness of applications, services, websites, and devices.

Why are they important?

So, an API is a software that can be used by other software to communicate with other software or hardware, through protocols, routines, and tools. This means that an API is an agile communication channel between different devices.

The APIs simplify the design and architecture of software, add flexibility and security and allow scalability and maintenance over time.

APIs play such an important role today because of their usage by almost all digital sites and applications and physical devices. We can therefore better understand the foundations of the tools we use every day for work and leisure.

Why are they useful?

Since every device, program, and application is developed with languages ​​and data structures that are not homogeneous and constantly evolving, it would be complex to manage the communication between them unless you create specific connectors every single time.

The APIs provide an agnostic communication interface with respect to the programming language used, the purpose of the activity, and the specificities of the sender and recipient application.

What do weather APIs do?

Based on our knowledge of what an API we can easily presume what a weather API does. Basically, a weather API is an interface that allows a software database specialized in weather data to communicate that information to another software. The weather API will do the job of neatly exposing the climate information the other software queried the server about.

Best Alternatives To The Wunderground Weather API

So, without further ado, we’ll continue by showing you the 3 Best Alternatives To The Wunderground Weather API that most definitely fill that gap left by its retirement.

The Best Alternatives To The Wunderground Weather API

Current Weather and Forecasted Weather API

Current Weather and Forecasted Weather API is a program that allows its users access to accurate current real-time weather data and forecasted information for up to the next 16 days.

One of the great things about Current Weather and Forecasted Weather API is that it has worldwide coverage 24/7 for its current data. This means that whenever and wherever you want to query the API, you can.

Best Alternatives To The Wunderground Weather API

Also, it has an immense number of parameters that it measures like temperatures; visibility; sea levels; wind conditions; cloud conditions; and so much more.

Plus, the Current Weather and Forecasted Weather API has the capability to translate the information to more than 15 languages, so you or your audience won’t feel left out.

Visual Crossing

Visual Crossing is a weather technology company that provides a number of climate-related APIs. The APIs that Visual Crossing offers are Timeline Weather API; Weather Forecast API; Weather History API; and Climate & Historical Summary API.

Although, it does seem like Visual Crossing is only available in English.

Best Alternatives To The Wunderground Weather API

National Weather Service API

The National Weather Service API includes access to weather alarms; critical forecasts; weather history; and more. 

Plus, it’s a public service backed by the US government. But, that also means that the weather data available is only targeted and about the United States.

Best Alternatives To The Wunderground Weather API
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