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Best API.Metals.Live Alternative for Platinum Spot Prices

Are you looking for a good alternative to API? Metals. Live for platinum spot prices? Read this article and learn how!

Best API.Metals.Live Alternative for Platinum Spot Prices

About This Metal

Platinum is a chemical element that does not have an abundant presence on our planet. This metal has a silvery hue and can be found in alloys, integrated into some minerals or in the form of grains. Its malleability, its ductility, its resistance to corrosion and its melting at very high temperatures are some of its characteristics.

It has a multiplicity of uses. For example: in motor vehicles, platinum works as a catalyst, allowing the conversion of polluting gas emissions into less harmful ones. Also, it is important in the production of fertilizers, oil refining, jewelry (especially for its purity), fiber optic cables and hard drives, among other things. Even as a drug against certain types of cancer!

Unlike other metals, in recent years its price has decreased a lot. The general average indicates that its price in the last 10 years, fell by almost 40%. That is why, if we have an industry in Australia that requires this metal, we will have to make sure to buy it at some appropriate time (when its price is cheaper).

It can sometimes be difficult to find a website, software, or application that provides Platinum rates in real-time. That’s why if you want to invest in this industry or maybe you want to buy a piece of art, you should be updated with the pricing of bronze, you have to use an API.


Metals is a mobile application for precious metals numismatists and stackers with emphasis on privacy. A collection built in this app only lives on the device. It is never backed up to any server. Users are therefore responsible for backing up their collection.

The metals app allows users to add their inventory and watch investment gain/loss in real-time when precious metals markets are open for trading. The app also allows various attribution to be added to inventory.

Best API.Metals.Live Alternative for Platinum Spot Prices

To see platinum prices with fast updates, a good option would be to use the Metals-API.


Metals-API is a simple API that provides data on a wide range of metals, from a nickel to gold to palladium to HRC steel. Furthermore, you can watch the values of these metals in over 170 currencies, including USD, EUR, and BTC. It collects data from well-known banks and financial firms. Additionally, both small and large organizations, such as the multinational Barrick Gold, use it.

Best API.Metals.Live Alternative for Platinum Spot Prices

This API provides real-time precious metals data with a 2 decimal point precision and a frequency of up to 60 seconds. You can use current and historical prices to compare indicators and choose the greatest time to invest. Metals-API may also be used to monitor fluctuation data for this purpose.


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