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Best Web Scraping APIs With Rotating Proxies

If you need a scraping API with Rotating Proxies, here we got three solutions.

Operating with many IP addresses provides good anonymity for enterprises. Web crawling, scraping, and any study that grows digital marketing efforts benefit from rotating proxies. Even better is how IP addresses may be used to denote various places. In this manner, you may get around most territorial constraints and expand your worldwide reach.

A rotating proxy connects you to the websites you want to visit. Every time you submit a request, it assigns your machine a new IP address. Rotating proxies vary from regular proxies in that they include many IP addresses.

If you want to scrape websites to investigate data for your projects, you should use an API. This tool is an interface that connects two or more devices and sends data between them. In this case, the API will provide the banned information on the web pages. Nevertheless, it’s not easy to find the best to achieve this aim. For this motive, we present here three recommendations.


The Codery API can look into a website and pulls any information or data sets it contains. You just put the URL in the API and they are going to stay in charge of the rest. The API gives access to reliable proxies so you can enter the data without fear of entering it into a black list.

It scans web pages with only a single request. A genuine browser allows you to handle all web types and manage all javascript collected on the site.


Wintr is a web scraper API that scrapes and analyzes any data available on the internet via rotating residential proxies. It is easy to use and completely customizable, with a variety of methods for gathering data from even the most complicated websites.

For example, you may use a rotating IP address to scrape the content of a publicly available webpage, or you can use Javascript rendering to automate login, then scrape private data using session cookies and a persistent IP address.

Scraping Bee

ScrapingBee is the second API to be introduced. This web scraping tool concentrates on obtaining the data you require rather than dealing with many headless browsers that chew up all of your RAM and CPU.

It also allows you to render Javascript with a single argument, allowing you to scrape any website, including Single Page Applications built with React, AngularJS, Vue.js, or any other library.

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