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Best API With London OTC Market Rates Available On The Web

Trying to find London OTC prices? Well, surely, you will not be satisfied with a common and current service, surely you want the best of all those available on the internet. Fortunately, we have the answer. This system is the best London OTC Market Prices API.

The over-the-counter market is a virtual space in which financial assets are exchanged between two parties. It is an unorganized market that shares certain characteristics with the stock market. Also known as the over-the-counter (OTC) market, it is a market in which assets such as currencies or futures are traded. It does not have a physical headquarters, the purchase and sale orders of its financial instruments are made electronically. Likewise, in this type of market, assets of all kinds are exchanged, although they have no relationship with stock markets. These types of markets had a great weight in the subprime crisis of 2008, in which financial assets related to the mortgages that the banking entities had granted were exchanged.

The over-the-counter market is usually unregulated, it does not depend on an organization, it can have hours or always remain open and it does not have a physical headquarters, so it is decentralized. In addition, transactions can be carried out between the parties directly, without the need for an authorized intermediary. Of course, transparency is usually less. On the contrary, the main similarity between both markets is that they allow the exchange of one or more financial assets between two parties, in this case, metals. And in general, the City of London tends to be the epicenter of the main over-the-counter markets in the world.

The futures market (negotiation of contracts for the purchase and sale of certain goods at a future date), can be negotiated in this type of market. To get prices from the London OTC market, the best option is to use Metals-API.

Metals-API is the best option with London OTC market rates available on the web

We know that finding the prices of a little regulated market such as the over-the-counter market is not always easy. Unlike famous metal exchanges like the London Metal Exchange (LME) or the Chicago Broad of Trade (CBOT). But thanks to the information sources of Metals-API, you will be able to obtain the rates of the over-the-counter market in the city of London. Remember that this system is an API, i.e. an intermediary system between the London OTC markets and investors like you. The task of Metals-API is to be a bridge and make this connection easier.

In addition, metal prices will be offered in the legal tender of your choice. For example, if you’re from London, UK, you’ll want to see prices in pounds sterling, not euros or dollars. Thanks to the legal tender conversion system, you will be able to do this and much more!

Before using this system and purchasing services, we advise you to read the instruction manual (documentation). We know that it is a long text, with many instructions, but it will be useful for you to know what to do. If not, no problem, there is a quick start tool, ideal if you want to avoid reading long texts. With only one click, you may access to this Quick start tool and test every API endpoint. So… what are you waiting for to use Metals-API and get London OTC market rates?

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