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Best APIs For Quality Contact Data Enrichment In 2022

If you want to enrich your contacts in high quality, you should keep reading this article because we have the best APIs for your business.

When we talk about contact enrichment, we’re talking about the process of grouping data into a larger database. To begin, they incorporate both internal and external sources of first-party data. This data can then be utilized to learn a great deal about a customer.

An Application Programming Interface (API) is the finest technology for obtaining data from your contacts because it allows them to collect data in real-time. An API is a messenger that sends your request to the service provider and then returns the result. APIs have grown ingrained in the Internet’s fabric. If you’re going to make an app, even if it’s just for yourself, you’ll almost certainly need at least one to power it or some of its features.

Nevertheless, there is a variety of APIs available on the internet, and not all of them work in the same way or have the same connectors. As a result, we’ve produced a list of the top APIs for you, and your company will perform better as a result.

1- Klazify

Data collection is a time-consuming operation that is best accomplished with Klazify, the most advanced method of sorting client information. Klazify assists you in running your business by collecting data from a variety of sources. It uses an application programming interface (API) to categorize data based on URL, email address, or domain.

Because it collects data in an automated manner, this API is highly accurate when it comes to sorting data. It extracts, among other things, logos, information, market classifications, and domain security levels.

Klazify creates over 385 topic groups using the same technologies like Facebook, Pinterest, and other big ad networks. Klazify makes creating a full-funnel audience targeting strategy straightforward. The information is available in different programming languages.

2- Pipl

Pipl is a well-known data enrichment platform that provides services such as inquiry, research, and identity verification.

Pipl can help you create comprehensive identity profiles with personal, professional, demographic, social, relationship, photo, and contact information. It also provides a developer-friendly API with client libraries and code samples to make integrating identification information into your software easy.

3- Clearbit

By entering a person’s email address into Clearbit, you can get more extensive and accurate information about them. Because the data in this service is immediately imported into Salesforce and real-time data updates are delivered, it saves you time and effort.

Clearbit can help you identify potential customers and personalize your marketing and sales interactions with them. One of the services they offer is data enrichment. You may determine the ideal customer profile analysis, contact and company facts, and more to acquire a deeper knowledge of each lead and drive conversion.

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