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Best Carbon Footprint Calculators For Mexican Companies

If you have a company in Mexico and want to calculate your carbon footprint, reading this will help you a lot.

The year 2020 was very special for the planet due to the covid pandemic. With the global supply chain being cut off and people being locked down, much less CO2 was emitted. That year Mexico emitted 804 million tons. This represents 1.3% of global emissions. That’s a lot, isn’t it?

Carbon Footprint Calculators For Mexican

However, this country committed along with others in the Paris Agreement. It set a goal of reducing emissions by 22% by 2030. Said country has a general Climate Change law that sets different goals and objectives. Mexico is the second country in Latin America with the largest carbon footprint after Brazil.

The cause of the quarter of the greenhouse gasses in this country is transportation. In the second place is the electricity generation. The rest of the sectors most generators of emissions are agriculture and the manufacturing industry and construction.

Then follow the residues and others. As you can see, transportation is the biggest problem. However, the country is advancing in the usage of electric power over renewable energy, so the goal for 2030 is still a bit far off.

If you are reading this note, you are probably wondering how to collaborate in mitigating the climate impact. This is not an easy task and yet it can be done. All of humanity is putting efforts into being able to achieve this so that the planet is truly habitable for many more years. The preservation of the planet is a collective goal.

In this sense, you can take many actions within your company to reduce the carbon footprint: use renewable energy, reuse resources such as water, and plant trees to generate a green lung. These are some of the first ideas that may come to your head and yet there are many more to do. However, to be truly professional in trying to mitigate emissions, you have to do some serious tracking.

Use An API

To track it, it is necessary to use a carbon footprint calculator API. This tool will allow you to enter your business use of energy and water, for example, and know how many tons of pollution you produce. The API allows you to be able to incorporate this information into your site or application and share it with the world.

In this way, you will be able to know what footprint you start with and monitor how it is reduced as you take action. You have to know that there are many actions (such as sustainable energies) that do not generate zero emissions, but rather fewer emissions. That’s why the key is to follow the effects of your actions through this calculator. To have accurate results and to be able to do a complete job, use CarbonAPI.

Carbon Footprint Calculators For Mexican

Why Carbon API?

This tool allows you to observe your footprint in real-time, but also from the past and how it has fluctuated. This will help you understand what are the actions that serve to mitigate global warming. In addition, you can incorporate it into your digital media since it works in different programming languages.

Become a green company and show your customers that you want to help the world! Today most of the public prefers to invest in companies that are concerned about the environment. Start becoming a carbon-neutral company right now.

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