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The Best Digital Georeference Tools In 2022

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find a curated list of the best digital georeference tools in 2022. Then, we’ll recommend working with three IP geolocation APIs that will provide accurate results.

If you want georeferencing to be a relevant tool, you can propose at least two paths. In one way, you can build a sales strategy for a specific audience. Then, with a geolocation tool, track the potential clientele to attract them. The other way is to analyze how your website traffic is currently composed and modify your offer accordingly. Either because you no longer want to target a specific audience or because you want to expand its borders.

In any case, a georeferencing tool will make it easier for you to visualize the customers’ behaviour. In addition, it allows you to carry out efficient studies to improve the positioning of your products. With this, it is possible to achieve an increase in sales. Even more, it enables to the integration of new market niches with characteristics similar to potential customers.

So, then you can include a series of factors more related to the context of your client’s profile. Between them, they can be socioeconomic variables, including economic, educational and social status. Also, it can provide sociodemographic aspects such as age, sex, and location. And last, one widely used to design advertising campaigns is lifestyle, behaviour and interests.

with IP geolocation APIs
Digital earth 5G AI technology

The best digital georeference with IP geolocation APIs in 2022


This API can extract information since it starts with what an Internet protocol can expose. The placement is the most significant element. However, you can consult about more precise information.

with IP geolocation APIs

The most commonly used and recognized national currency is then available for inquiry. Moreover, it will provide the desired location’s time zone data.

The remaining service is an accessibility and security module. This functionality can quickly identify any form of danger, including proxies. Your connections and devices are then always under careful monitoring after that.

with IP geolocation APIs

According to IP-API, it is not for profit. Given that concept, this business offers a solution for companies that charge a fee. It provides both commercial assistance and an infinite number of searches.

Although it is an API, another curiosity is that an API key is not required to function. But their technology responds in a matter of seconds. However, it depends on where you submit your request. But even if the system lasts a little longer, this company have ten years of trajectory. You will get what you asked for.


with IP geolocation APIs

This last choice utilizes a protected Internet connection. Additionally, this IP API delivers in JSON and XML language the geographical variation of website traffic using IPv4 or IPv6 domains. The responses won’t face any risks, and the code is simple to decipher.

Moreover, it offers the cutting-edge astronomy API service, which provides timings for moonset and moonrise. Thirdly, it gives hours in different formats via a time zone data API. Also in JSON format are the results.

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