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Best MyClimate Competitors And Alternatives In 2022

If you are reading this post, surely it’s because you want to be carbon neutral. There are many tools on the Internet to estimate your ecological footprint and think of projects to reduce it. The most famous is MyClimate, but it’s not unique. Here, we present three alternatives.

Weather people and corporations are involved in the worldwide carbon emissions. This is something that took many years, however, the progress of the carbon footprint deepened with the super-industrialization of the last 100 years. Many daily activities and strategic sectors of economies contribute to the growth of carbon dioxide.

Best MyClimate Competitors And Alternatives In 2022

For example, transportation industries, supply chains, and factories are the principal factors of the contamination of the planet. Nevertheless, individual responsibility cannot be lost sight of because a family home can produce several tonnes of dioxide per year with home appliances.

Humanity through COP26 set itself the goal of reducing its total carbon footprint to help mitigate the effects of global warming. For this reason, many individuals and firms are thinking about renewable energies, and ways to compensate for their environmental impact.

However, to afford this, it is important to be able to estimate your carbon footprint. Making this is very easy when you have an API. But, finding one that works in the way you want, comprehensively, can be more difficult. To become more eco-friendly, here we suggest three alternatives to MyClimate.

Carbon API

Best MyClimate Competitors And Alternatives In 2022

It’s a carbon data API that will categorize the data and, using several methods, will calculate your carbon footprint in kilograms. You may transmit footprint data through API or directly via the website. You can, for example, include information on energy use, package shipment, freight & logistics, flights, automobiles, and other topics. The API computes emissions in terms of production units per hour and material consumption units per hour.

Businesses that embrace sustainability are more profitable. They assist your industry in meeting climate targets and instilling social responsibility in your organization. Pollutants may be measured in flights, energy, supply chain, fleet, fuel, and transportation, among other things.

The CarbonAPI cloud infrastructure simplifies user interface integration. You may personalize the API connection to match the appearance, feel, and functionality of your brand. Endpoints and integration options are detailed in our developer documentation. Consumption from up to a year ago can be uploaded. CarbonAPI reported CO2 emissions in kilograms.


Best MyClimate Competitors And Alternatives In 2022

Using specified data inputs such as package weight and transit locations, the Cloverly API calculates the amount of carbon released and hence the amount of carbon to be balanced. If you don’t know where to start, contact them and tell them about your group. You are familiar with your company and the things you perform daily. They will assist you in calculating your carbon footprint.

Cloverly is utilized in many manners by companies of all sizes. Carbon emissions occur from a variety of sources that we would not generally consider. Cloverly isn’t just for vehicles, airlines, and supply networks for this reason. Their robust API is designed for everyone who wants to make a difference and reduce their environmental footprint. We link activity to offset for organizations of all sizes using validated offsets and sophisticated real-time data.

Climate Trade

Best MyClimate Competitors And Alternatives In 2022

Its projects have all been independently examined, and you may be able to obtain certified emissions savings as a result. You may utilize the Climate Trade marketplace to manage your company’s carbon mitigate operations most cost-effectively feasible.

Its API and Widget are easy to integrate into your platform and allow you to carbon-neutralize all of your products and services. They also offer a carbon footprint calculator tailored to various sectors.

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