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Creative mode & plagiarism checker (Free and paid APIs)

Are you looking for something that stimulates your writing? And at the same time, can control plagiarism? We have some free and paid APIs to recommend!

If you thought you would have to incorporate many programs or new software into your device, you considered it wrong. What we’ll describe here are simple tools but complete. Only by adding one of them into your redaction program or searching for them in your browser, you can start using them.

Some have both features for free, and others have accessibility with paid plans. Consequently, you have several alternatives at your disposal. If you feel unsure about picking one up, you can try every free trial and after decide on one. Keep reading and find out more!

Creative mode & plagiarism checker (Free and paid APIs)

Three free and paid APIs for creative mode & plagiarism checker

We anticipate that none of the APIs available and dedicated to text redactions and their multiple aspects has the accessibility and simplicity of Plaraphy. In addition, it’s also a complete service in the free version and much more if you subscribe to a paid plan.

Creative mode & plagiarism checker (Free and paid APIs)

Overall, the characteristics include a paraphrasing tool with four writing modes, including the creativity to shape the result you’re seeking. Moreover, if you opt for the creative mode due to the original combinations of the algorithm, it’s almost impossible that you commit to plagiarising something.

Finally, if you choose a paid subscription, you’ll have more characters to use as much as more chances to make API calls. We strongly recommend this alternative.

Creative mode & plagiarism checker (Free and paid APIs)

Although this API has both functionalities, it has a big difference. You can utilize the creative mode to rewrite texts with a paid subscription only. For the rest, with a free trial, you can opt between a standard and a fluency mode with five hundred words to use.

Paraphraser has a grammar checker, a text summarizer, a citation generator and a plagiarism checker. If you want to try the non-plagiarism feature, you’ll have until a thousand words to paste into the empty box. Also, you can upload a file or archive to check. Then, you’ll receive an answer in a few seconds because it works with Ai technology that makes deep searches on the internet at high speed.

Another option with a plagiarism checker without a creative mode

Creative mode & plagiarism checker (Free and paid APIs)

With this tool, there are many features at your disposal: a plagiarism checker, a grammar checker and a paraphrasing tool. The limit is a thousand words with the non-paid alternative. Additionally, you can paraphrase texts in many languages such as Spanish, german, french, Italian and Turkish, among many more options.

Furthermore, they have five different paid plans to pick up, which you’ll have at your disposal. Those subscriptions include a citation assistant and a hundred and fifty opportunities to make queries to the API. Plus, the most advanced packs send view reports and something called Batch search, a feature that keeps checking plagiarism even with your browser closed.

The only functionality unavailable here is the list of writing modes to orient the paraphrasing.

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