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Best Nasdaq API Alternatives For Agriculture Prices In 2023

Are you looking for the best Nasdaq API alternatives for agriculture prices? If so, you are in luck! Here are the top three best APIs in 2023!

As you may know, changes in supply and demand have a significant impact on commodity prices. Just think about when a certain agricultural produce is harvested in enormous quantities, for instance, the price often drops. Meanwhile, price increases occur when there is a chance that a contract may collapse. This happens because purchasers must pay more to get the resources they need. Due to this, it is crucial for anyone considering trading or investing in these products to have access to precise and dependable agriculture prices data.

Luckily, thanks to technological advances and developers; there are numerous ways to get agricultural data nowadays, but using an API is the most efficient method (API). This is because an API allows for the transfer of information between the parties using coding languages that both parties are acquainted with, such JSON and XML. As a result, APIs for agriculture prices are utilized to power a wide range of apps on several devices and platforms; so they can easily access to commodities data.

Which Are The Best Nasdaq API Alternatives For Agriculture Prices Today?

There is no doubt then, that the simplest and fastest way to quickly discover accurate values from reliable sources is by using an API for commodities prices and data. This program swiftly delivers commodity information to your applications after gathering it from dependable sources.

But not all of the APIs that are currently widely accessible are secure or dependable. This is because they could come from questionable API suppliers. Not to mention that few of them, like Nasdaq, are quite expensive and complicated to use. This is why we’ve gathered details on three of the best APIs currently on the market to assist you in getting started with an API for commodities prices!


The prices of various commodities, such as wheat, rice, coffee, and sugar, are displayed using the well-known and reliable API known as Commodities-API. It compiles price information from over 15 trustworthy data sources, including banks and financial institutions, and makes it readily available to you. Additionally, all commodity data is given in real time with a frequency up to 60 seconds and accuracy to two decimal places!

What’s more, with an accuracy of two decimal points, Commodities-API offers data in more than 170 different currencies. And the best of all is that you are permitted to perform up to 100.000 API requests every month; and obtain data updates every 60 seconds!


Another service that makes it simple and quick to retrieve commodities data and rates is CommonPrices. Depending on the plan you select, this API successfully gathers information from numerous reliable sources and refreshes it daily, weekly, or monthly for a reasonable price.

Furthermore, since CommonPrices use HTTPS to encrypt communications between your browser and their servers; it is also a fairly secure tool to employ. Just give it a try a find out for yourself!

Barchart’s Commodity Data API

Since quite some time, Barchart has been a very well-liked commodity service. In fact its website was one of the first to provide information on commodities and futures markets online. Currently, a global banking software provider is offering this service. This company also offers market data and services to the commodities, financial media, and other industries.

Own data, software, and technological solutions power Barchart’s extensive client base’s activities from front to backend. To aid market and financial professionals in making judgments, its entertainment businesses also publish journals, news pieces, and online information.

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