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Best OCR APIs Solutions For Marketing

You will learn how the marketing field can beneficiate from OCR APIs. Hence, I will recommend some of the best OCR solutions!

Marketing is a field that has become fundamental to all companies. After all, it focuses on enhancing the reputation and recognition of the company. Also, it is one that has perfectly adapted to the advances and necessities of society by digitalizing all of its processes. This is why, for example, the word “digital” was added next to the word “marketing”.

Therefore, marketing is a field that has found ways to stay relevant and to even become a necessity for companies. Undoubtedly, all firms possess a marketing team that is constantly generating strategies, following trends, analyzing metrics, and more. Hence, it is an area that needs the benefits OCR APIs can and will bring to the table.

OCR APIs For Marketing

Optical Character Recognition APIs are ones with the capacity to analyze texts and contents on images. These will extract them and give it to the company and the marketers so they can work with them and squeeze the juice out of them. If the marketing team works with OCR APIs they will have the advantages to have the data right with them, keeping it organized, strategizing when to use it, and more!

The Marketing world is one with a lot of ramifications and areas. For instance, it may focus on social media or on the more strategical side like Growth marketing. Moreover, it can focus on analytical sides with Google Analytics or on the generations of campaigns. Evidently, these are just examples, the list is way longer. But, OCR APIs can enhance every single one of them.


With the use of OCR APIs, marketers can have a better look into their analyses. For instance, if they have recollected all the information used on images, they can see which text and images perform better in campaigns. Therefore, keep applying or improving their tactics. 

Now that we have seen how Marketing can benefit from OCR APIs. I will add here some of the best OCR solutions.


Best OCR APIs:

Optimal Character Recognition API

This OCR API is one any marketing team or agency will find powerful and easy to use. The Optimal Character Recognition API is a tool that will extract those texts on images in a matter of seconds. An aspect that makes this API shine, is its compatibility with the most common and top extensions: image/jpeg, image/png.

Consequently, the company will work with an API that will open the door to better analyses. As an aspect that will up their presence in social media, search engines, and more. Plus, they will be able to use such texts and information whenever they feel is the best of times.


OCR Space

The OCR Space is a solution Marketing will find handy. The API is one that like the one we just mentioned answers in a JSON format. Hence, when the time for integration comes, companies won’t encounter any kind of issue. Moreover, this API has the ability to provide text data from multi-page documents in just one answer!



Finally, Klippa is an OCR solution that allows the extraction and categorization of information from purchase receipts, invoices, and more. Also, it uses JSON as its default exit point to ensure effective communication.

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