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Best Sentiment Analysis APIs That Use Different Programming Languages

Today you will find a list of the best sentiment analysis APIs to integrate into your program. They work with different programming languages. 

This article will tell your all about sentiment analysis APIs. For this, we’ll approach what sentiment analysis is, the definition of “API”, and “programming languages”. We’ll end it with the top three. 

What Is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis refers to one aspect of the field of natural language processing. It is solely dedicated to understanding subjective opinions or aggregate sentiment from a variety of sources on a single topic.

Put in a business context, sentiment analysis refers to tools that identify and extrapolate sentiment information. Consequently, this improves business operations and strategies. It is done with the help of a variety of algorithms that delve into the subcontext of reviews and attempt to understand attitudes towards a specific product or any item.

Sentiment Analysis APIs

What Is An API? What Are Programming Languages

APIs are a set of functionality that applications can use to communicate with each other. They are extremely useful to simplify the work of the developer since they constitute predefined function codes for the interaction between programs, Internet platforms, or operating systems.

In fact, the functionalities of the APIs go further, they are varied, not only for communication between processes, but also for error detection and correction, data and information collection, or, as in this case, sentiment analysis.

The program used for building computer programs is programming languages. Its name is due to the fact that it comprises a formal language that is designed to organize algorithms and logical processes that will then be carried out by a computer or computer system, thus allowing its physical and logical behavior to be controlled and its communication with the human user.

Now that you know better what these concepts are and their benefits. Let’s list the top 3.

Best Sentiment Analaysis APIs: 

Sentiment Analysis APIs


Plaraphy makes the number one option in the sentiment analysis API’s list. This application programming interface will allow your company to effectively analyze the sentences, texts, and comments of your clients and users. Thus, with this API it is easier to fulfill their necessities by understanding better their needs and values. 

Furthermore, Plaraphy goes all the way further. The API also catches plagiarism, rewriter information, summarizes text, and more. Thanks to Plaraphy your corporation will be ready to create unique content and analyze one of your users. 

Sentiment Analysis APIs

NLP Cloud

Secondly, NLP Cloud proposes a sentiment analysis API that gives you the opportunity to perform sentiment and emotion analysis right out of the box. It is based on using 7 models of hugging face transformers. With this API you will understand with better ease what your clients are trying to say. 

Sentiment Analysis APIs

Deep AI

The very last sentiment analysis API available today is Deep AI. This fantastic application has the ability to spot patterns and identify moods and intents. It also classifies the response’s input. Positive or negative, for instance.

Finally, now you know about some of the best sentiment Analysis APIs. They all work with the most popular programming languages like Java, PHP, and more. To know more options regarding rewriter APIs check this article.

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