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Best Strategy To Categorize Text String Is With This API!

Text classification assigns one or several categories to a text to facilitate its management; allowing you to filter, order, or group documents. Newspapers, search engines, or e-commerce portals categorize their products or content to make easier navigation and searches. Better understand your customers and what they say about your products by categorizing conversations on social networks or the contact center. In Best Strategy To Categorize Text String Is With This API! We will tell you about taxonomy and, besides, introduce you to Text Classification IAB Taxonomy, an API to make the most of your strategy.

Advantages of automating content classification

Organizing and describing content in a consistent way is a complex task that requires the prior definition of the taxonomy; the criteria, and also assigning specialized human resources. Besides, automatic sorting opens up a new range of possibilities that include both; full automation and support tools that reduce time and improve the quality of manual labeling processes. Through the use of automatic methods, it is possible to refine the classification and categories over time, obtaining more consistent results, faster, and with less cost.

What is taxonomy?

Taxonomy is a process of classifying and facilitating access to information.

Here we will talk about the importance of this process to organize digital files within an organizational structure. Its definition, if misunderstood or applied instead of facilitating; makes processes extremely inefficient; even integrating with other digital platforms (e-commerce, applications, websites, ERP, etc. for example).

Besides, it is common for companies to have shared internal network structures that facilitate file storage. This facility becomes a problem as the volume of multipurpose files is added to the constant change in the collaborators who organize and classify these files, since each generally does their own thing.

But after all, what does taxonomy encompass?

Formally, it is the technique or methodology that organizes, classifies, and defines the hierarchy of digital files and products/information within an understandable framework.

Thus, in practical terms, the process involves the design, denomination, and classification of groups that allow a clear reading of the origin and application of each piece of information. Which is structured and related within the company and its respective areas: regions, divisions, segments, and categories.

Best Strategy To Categorize Text String Is With Text Classification IAB Taxonomy API

The Content Taxonomy has evolved over time to provide publishers with a consistent and easy way to organize their website content. For example, to differentiate “sports” vs. “news” vs. “wellness” material. IAB Tech Lab’s Content Taxonomy specification provides additional utility for minimizing the risk that content categorization signals could generate sensitive data points about things like race, politics, religion, or other personal characteristics that could result in discrimination.

Some frequent questions…

What this API receives and what your API provides (input/output)? Just pass the text that you want to categorize and you will get its IAB taxonomy. Simple as that!

Are there any limitations with your plans?

Besides API call limitations per month:

Testing Plan: 5 requests per second.
Basic: 10 requests per second.
Pro: 30 requests per second.
Pro+: 60 requests per second.

If you want to know more about this API we recommend…

Classify Any Text You Want And Improve Your Business With This API

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