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Best Weather API To Search Forecasted Data By ZIP Codes

Are you a member of a meteorological investigation team? Do you need a powerful and reliable technology tool to get accurate and updated weather data? In this article, we will explain how you can easily get it from any city in the USA only using ZIP codes! Yes, as you have just read! You will obtain forecasted data in seconds. 

If you don’t come from the developer area, you will wonder about what APIs are. Weather APIs is online software that provides precise climate information like temperature, precipitation, and humidity. Some advanced ones also include ultraviolet index and pollution levels. They take the information you request, look through several databases, find and filter the data and give you back what you ask for. 

Weather APIs can offer you historical data that allows you to see trends and patterns. They will help you understand why certain events come at particular moments. Tendencies and causes are central in any research although you need the information first. These tools are like professional 24/7 experts that continue collecting information for you. After you analyze and share your report, people can organize activities, project global actions or apply disaster management. 

ZIP Codes

What Is Forecasted Data?

Weather forecasting and prediction are developing and communicating information about future weather conditions based on meteorological measurements. In simple words, forecasted data refers to the 5 or 16 days of climate conditions after the current date. That kind of prevision contemplates surface and upper-air observations, air pressure, temperature, and wind analyses based on frequent time intervals observations.

What Are ZIP Codes?

ZIP codes are a series of numbers that identify postal directions of any city of the world. In some countries they are named differently and some of them also include letters. The word ZIP means ‘fast travel’ and was created to expedite mail processing. It’s the best way to locate a place without looking for the map coordinates.

What Is The Best Weather API That Connects Forecasted Data And ZIP Codes?

The best weather API where you can find forecasted data from any city in the USA is the Current Weather and Forecast API. It allows you to have any climate condition from today to 16 days ahead! That is more than most weather APIs could get, especially with the precision it has. 

In the next image, we show you an example with the city of Boston, with a 02108 ZIP code. You can customize the programming language the software will return your response. In this case, we choose Phyton because it’s the most common. In the end, you will find the type of information the Current Weather and Forecast API will give you for the next 16 days.   

Weather API Call

Weather API Response (only a snippet)

Using this API you can obtain information about temperature, rain, wind, solar position, and feels like. Also, you will get past datasets that could be useful for comparing different events, their characteristics, and their frequency. If you subscribe to the API page, you will get 50 free calls to test! 

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