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Best Weather APIs To Access Global Weather Data

If your company needs to access global weather data for its next business trip, conference, or big event, you have all the information right here. We introduce you to the best weather APIs you can get in the market. Easy to use, reliable, and what is best: completely free!

People and companies organize their lives based on what they see in their weather forecasts. Werther, you have to prepare an event for your shop or want to know the temperature to get dressed for it, you consult your smartphone first. But, what happens if you can use a weather application that has global climate conditions constantly updated? Any plan you have would be a complete success!    

To know this kind of information, you will need the help of an API. A weather application interface is a set of data that a website or app may use to display current weather conditions. They also provide data in advance, in other words, forecasts that correspond to specific locations. 

global weather data

How Does A Weather API Function?

Most weather APIs start with the same basics. Weather data is provided by organizations such as the National Weather Service and NASA. Meteorologists then create forecasts using computer modeling. With each GET request, the finest weather APIs split this information out and deliver it in JSON format. We are talking about the components of a RESTful API, the most used due to its simplicity. Differences in long-term projections between APIs will result from model variations. All weather APIs are supported and available in a variety of developer programming languages and SDKs, including Python, PHP, and Java.

What Are The Best Options For Knowing Weather Information?

Current Weather and Forecast API

This API will provide you access to weather global data to the climate conditions don’t find you unaware. It contains three endpoints: current weather, the next five days, and the next sixteen days. As a result, you may obtain projected data for shorter or longer periods in addition to what you are checking at the moment! How does it function? It’s simple: enter the ZIP code of a city, the name of the target place, or the latitude and longitude. With this input, Current Weather and Forecast API will return the best information in a variety of code alternatives.

AerisWeather API

global weather data

AerisWeatherAPI brings you access to historical datasets, minute-by-minute forecasts, and special data endpoints. For example, severe weather warnings, tropical storms, air quality, lightning strikes, and wildfires. It is a RESTful API and works with Python, JavaScript, iOS, and Android SDKs (Software Development Kits). This API also has advanced geospatial capabilities and could be integrated into any website.   


global weather data

Weatherbit offers you historical data packages that include anything from straightforward hourly/daily data for meteorological variables. Among them, you will find the temperature, precipitation, wind, solar radiation, evapotranspiration, and heating/cooling degree days. You can know about the air quality for all major pollutants too (PM10, PM2.5, CO, NO2, O3, SO2). You will also get historical data from any country in the world. It’s scalable, accurate, fast, and easy to understand.

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