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Billage: the ideal business management tool for SMEs

All companies avoid wasting time and resources to maximize their benefits. However, in the case of SMEs this is even more important, since their margin is lower than that of large companies. A good way to optimize your performance is to use fintech, which helps us save costs and perform some tasks much more efficiently.

What are fintech?

In recent years new technologies have facilitated the creation of tools that allow access to all types of financial services at the click of a button. This new financial industry was called Financial Technology, and the contraction of both words gave rise to the term Fintech, which encompasses the applications, products, companies and financial services offered through new technologies.

Some advantages of fintech are the reduction of costs, the optimization of processes, and their adaptability; that’s why these startups are increasingly popular.

The Billage management software, which combines simplicity and versatility, is a good example of the advantages that fintech technology provides to companies, especially SMEs.

What is Billage?

When Antoni Guitart founded his first company, one of the first things he did was to look for software that would allow him to manage his business. However, he had to resort and hire a host of different management tools to use very specific functionalities of each of them. He soon realized that other companies like hers had exactly the same problem, and that is how the germ of Billage came about.

Billage was designed from the beginning taking into account the needs of freelancers and SMEs. It does not pretend to be the most complete management software in terms of functionalities, precisely because its developers understand that the ideal application is one that has the necessary management tools and at the same time is intuitive and easy to use for the user.

What are the advantages of Billage for SMEs?

  • Simplicity

Billage is a minimalist software that has all the necessary functionalities for a small company. It is simple, fast and easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface, which translates into a considerable time saving.

  • All in one

It has three modules: billing, project management and CRM. This implies, not only a considerable saving of costs to the not having to contract three different management tools; if not also a time saving, since everything related to the company will be organized within this web application.

  • Low cost

It has different monthly plans, all of them very cheap. It is even possible to have a free version forever. It is no longer necessary to pay abusive licenses of use, which suppose an excessive initial investment for a small company or a self-employed person.

Your basic plan is available for eight euros, plus VAT, per month; and the “all in one” plan, which offers unlimited use of the three modules: billing, projects and CRM, costs sixteen euros plus VAT, with a discount of 20% on both, if the annual payment is made instead of the quarterly.

All packages, including free, include: free access to fiscal manager, technical support, daily backup, synchronization with Google Calendar, storage of documents in the cloud, management of contacts, products and services, analysis panels and alerts, and public API.

It is also possible to request a free demo before hiring the service. In addition, when hiring, technical support already includes initial training.

Security guarantee

Security should be a priority for any company, since they are constantly handling very sensitive personal and banking data. The loss of these, in addition, can suppose a true catastrophe and an investment of time and resources to solve it very big. Therefore, any of the Billage packages offers a daily backup and the guarantee that your servers are in safe places.

Integration of your favorite tools and platforms

Not only is it able to synchronize with Google Calendar. You can also manage your e-mails and contacts through Billage with Gmail, Office 365 or IMAP, and perform transactions with Paypal accounts. In addition, this list of platforms will be expanded soon, so you can continue working with the tools you already know.

Its creators assure that they are negotiating agreements that will allow in the near future to carry out banking transactions without leaving Billage; from transfers and invoice collections, to access to financing products of the currency. According to Antoni Guitart, CEO and co-founder of the company, this will mean a change of paradigm, in which the management software will be the platform, and banks the financial operations providers.

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