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Ireland turns its ‘startups’ into the EU against Brexit (which does not arrive)

The old tobacco factory in Mullingar smoked Ireland and part of Europe for half a century. Owned by the Imperial Tobacco Group, a former British monopoly with Victorian airs, those ships were a hotbed of machines that made cigarettes and packaged them. Today the facilities are the headquarters of a…

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Want to catch up on what’s hot at FinTech? Come and meet people and computers in Berlin

The Israeli brain conquers Berlin: In two weeks (on December 11 and 12, to be precise), Germany’s capital, the strong economy in Europe, will host two international innovation events led by a group of people and computers: Fintech Junction 2019 – Fourth International Conference on Innovation in Financial Technologies To…

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Financial obstacles inhibit cleantech growth in the UAE

As regional governments become increasingly aware of the social and economic threat posed by climate change, population growth and resource over-consumption, there is growing appreciation that improved energy efficiency, reduced use of non-renewable resources and environmental sustainability can only be achieved by successfully developing and harnessing new environmental technology –…

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Technologies such as Facebook’s Libra will be especially “painful” for traditional banking

The payments directive will reinforce the digital alternatives: “Too many European banks believe that their business model is solid”, they warn. Digital initiatives such as the recently launched Pora virtual currency, promoted by Facebook and a network of 27 other partners (including Uber, Spotify and eBay), have once again placed…

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Support to the development of startups that contribute to the modernization of the financial system

Seeking to adapt to the digital revolution driven by the new businesses and the requirements of customers in the matter. The Consorcio Group agreed an investment of US $ 500,000 to around $ 350 million in the platform PagoFácil, aggregate of means of online payments. The alliance will allow the…

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Entry of large technology poses risks to financial services

Technological giants such as Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook and Google could become dominant participants in financial services of payments, savings and funding, if global joint work is not done among regulators, supervisors and legislators, warned the Bank for International Settlements (BIS, by its acronym in English). “It is imperative that global…

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