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Boost Your Site’s Visibility And Traffic With Site Traffic API

Do you want to boost your site’s visibility and traffic? You should try an API.

The importance of website traffic is often overlooked by companies that are just starting out. It is a crucial indicator of how successful your marketing strategy is and can help determine what adjustments should be made. You can use website traffic to see how successful your marketing strategy is and what adjustments need to be made to improve it. For example, you can use it to determine whether your target audience is finding your content interesting and engaging or whether they are abandoning the page.

You can measure website traffic using a variety of methods. One popular method is using an API (Application Programming Interface). An API is a set of commands that allows two programs to communicate with each other. A site’s traffic can be measured using an API by collecting data from a server and then returning it to the client. There are many different APIs available for measuring website traffic, but we recommend Alternative API To Google Analytics.

Boost Your Site's Visibility And Traffic With Site Traffic API

This API allows you to retrieve information about any website you choose, including information about where the site’s traffic comes from (nationality), monthly visitors, engagement metrics such as average visit time, bounce rate, and pages per visit, as well as monthly visits.

Your website’s traffic is determined by the number of visits it receives in a given time period. The higher the traffic, the more people are visiting your website. You can measure the success of your marketing efforts by monitoring website traffic because it shows you how well your content is resonating with your target audience.

Site Traffic API

Boost Your Site's Visibility And Traffic With Site Traffic API

With the help of this API, developers will be able to sort databases according to their own criteria. Are you interested in finding out which URLs get the most traffic? You may want to pay attention to the pages with the highest bounce rates. Which URLs encourage visitors to stay the longest? You can assess your own page’s performance using this API. The measured data allows for the drawing of inferences about user behavior. Find out the value of the ranks and pages. 

All You Need To Do To Make Use Of It Is:

  • To use the API, go to Site Traffic API and click the “START FREE TRIAL” button.
  • You’ll be prepared to use the API once you’ve registered in the Zyla API Hub.
  • Use the various API endpoints based on what you’re trying to find.
  • Once you’ve located the required endpoint, use the “test endpoint” button to initiate an API request and view the results on your screen.

Pass only the site or URL you want to consult. Along with traffic broken down by nation, monthly visits, engagement metrics like average visit duration, bounce rate, pages per visit, and the traffic sources, you will also receive traffic. They get their customers from online searches, right? Does sponsored advertising bring them the most visitors? You will learn that through this API. 

The “Country List” and “Traffic Source and Overview” endpoints of this API are available to developers. For the sake of this demonstration, we asked the API for the following response using the “Traffic Source and Overview” Endpoint:

"engagement": {
"avgVisitDuration": 419,
"bounceRate": 0.3561,
"pagesPerVisit": 8.84,
"totalVisits": 2421700000
"monthlyVisitsEstimate": {
"2021-12-01": 2893000000,
"2022-01-01": 2652000000,
"2022-02-01": 2200000000,
"2022-03-01": 2361000000,
"2022-04-01": 2300000000,
"2022-05-01": 2421000000
"name": "",
"trafficShareByCountry": [
"United States": 0.8126
"Canada": 0.0129
"India": 0.0129
"United Kingdom": 0.011
"China": 0.0089
"trafficSources": {
"Direct": 0.5963,
"Mail": 0.0265,
"Paid Referrals": 0.0028,
"Referrals": 0.0641,
"Search": 0.2635,
"Social": 0.0465

As you can see, guests will be more understandable when they first arrive. For each of the top 5 countries, data on engagement, source, and traffic status will be provided.

Don’t send HTTP or HTTPS queries to this Data Engineer API. Moreover, refrain from adding www. before the domain. Just send the domain, such as “,” “,” etc. Additionally, subdomains are not supported. only root domains.

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