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Calculate CO2 Emissions Of Biomass Energy With An API

Are you seeking a CO2 API to calculate the dioxide emissions of biomass energy? Here we explain to you how to get it!

Biomass is a sort of organic sample obtained from plants and animals that are renewable. It is still a popular fuel in many nations, particularly for cooking and heating in impoverished countries. Several industrialized nations are boosting their use of biomass fuels for transportation and power generation to reduce greenhouse emissions from fossil fuel consumption. Biomass contributed roughly 5 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) in 2020, accounting for around 5% of total primary energy usage in the United States.

Calculate CO2 Emissions Of Biomass Energy With An API
Seppo Kaksonen

Biomass is composed of chemical energy stored in the sun. Photosynthesis is the process through which plants generate biomass. Biomass can be produced by burning for heat or transformed into a renewable liquid and gaseous fuels via a variety of processes.

Forest residues processing wastes—firewood, wood pellets, wood chips, lumber and furniture mill sawdust and waste, and black liquor from pulp and paper mills—are examples of biomass energy sources. Crops and waste materials—corn, soybeans, sugar cane, switchgrass, woody plants, and algae, as well as crop and food processing residues—are examples of biomass energy sources. Solid waste disposal includes biogenic materials such as paper, cotton, and wool products, as well as food, yard, and wood wastes, animal manure, and human sewage.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re seeking alternative energy sources to lessen your environmental effect. The most efficient method of obtaining data about Co2 emission is to utilize a carbon calculator API that estimates greenhouse gasses in real-time. It can calculate the number of emissions produced and design measures to reduce them.

Many companies and individuals are conscious of how their activity damages the environment and are trying to improve it. Furthermore, a corporation’s ecological footprint is extensively utilized in corporate reporting to be recognized for its efforts with the environment.

In real-time, the API measures energy in kWh by weighing tons or kilograms and measuring length in kilometers or miles. If you want to lessen your environmental footprint, CarbonAPI is a wonderful place to start.

Calculate CO2 Emissions Of Biomass Energy With An API

You might gain access to it by doing the following:

  1. Create an account at and log in.
  2. Obtain your API Key and choose “clean energy” in the “Carbon Endpoint” section.
  3. In the source, choose “Biomass” and enter the amount of energy you use in kWh.
  4. Click Submit and the calculator will appear.

Here’s an example of a request:

curl --request POST
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer API_KEY'
  --data '{
      "energy": Solar,
      "consumption": 250

And this is an example of an API response:

{ "carbonEquivalent" : 8.0, "success" : true }

More About Carbon API

CarbonAPI may be used to calculate your actual carbon emissions. You may use this information to help minimize it by participating in green initiatives such as biodiversity conservation and renewable energy. Its purpose is to encourage environmental stewardship, honesty, and accountability.

Its purpose is to quantify your carbon footprint so you may plan mitigation efforts. It may be included in a website or app by programmers using computer languages such as PHP, Python, and JSON.

CarbonAPI can use this data to calculate your firm’s carbon footprint in real-time. Even electric vehicles have a carbon footprint, which you may be able to reduce if you drive one.

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