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CEA analyzes the new opportunities for business financing: What could this mean to you?

The Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia held today at its headquarters a conference on “New opportunities for financing companies” which was opened by the Secretary General of CEA, Luis Fernández-Palacios, and the Director General of Analysis, Planning and Economic Policy of the Junta de Andalucía, Esperanza Nieto.

Within the framework of this day, the study on the “Development of Fintech services as an opportunity for the Andalusian company” was presented, a publication that is part of the actions of the “CEA + Companies” project for the promotion of entrepreneurial culture and Self-employment in Andalusia, developed by CEA with the collaboration of the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University of the Junta de Andalucía. The conclusions of the study were announced on this day by its author, Ana Isabel Irimia.

Colloquium: “New alternatives for the financing of the company”. As a closing of this business meeting a colloquium was held dedicated to the “New alternatives for the financing of the company”, which was moderated by the president of the Economics Business Council and CEA Financing, Manuel Ángel Martín; and that included the participation of the commercial director of Garántia, Ignacio González de Cepeda, and the president of the Andalusian Business Angels Networks Association, María Luisa García.

Balance of the “CEA + Companies” project

For his part, the Secretary General of CEA, during his speech today, took stock of the aforementioned CEA + Business project, which he described as “very positive” and explained in this regard that the Andalusian business organization has celebrated, with the collaboration of their territorial organizations in each of the eight provinces, 400 events, between conferences and meetings for companies and entrepreneurs, which have included investment forums and networking for entrepreneurs, internationalization, public procurement and business management, among other matters, and which has assisted more than 8,900 people.

Through this program CEA has also promoted the Promotion of Business Vocations in the Educational System, with the organization of 116 days in educational centers, as well as 37 conferences in the university and 6 workshops for teachers, which have had 4,100 participants , between students and teachers. These actions have been complemented with the Advisory Service of CEA + Companies, which has attended more than 5,200 consultations since 2016.

To these actions we must add the intense activity generated in social networks and in the web portal of Promoting Entrepreneurial Culture and Self-employment, which, with 9,700 registered users, receives an average of more than 3,000 monthly visits and in the last 7 More than 142,000 web pages have been visited within the CEA + Companies portal.

Summary of the study presented at the conference

The study on “The development of Fintech services as an opportunity for the Andalusian company” aims to bring the FinTech service offer to the Andalusian company, in response to the digital innovation that has burst through the world of finance and is generating new business models that provoke a disruption with respect to the organizational model of traditional banking.

To do this, firstly, the current situation of the FinTech sector is described and analyzed, to see its evolution, analyze the risks and know the current regulation. Secondly, the main FinTech services currently offered to companies are analyzed, describing their use and potential risks from the point of view of both the users (companies) and the actors of the different markets. Finally, the study advances in the opportunities that the FinTech sector offers to boost the competitiveness of Andalusian companies.

As annexes, the report incorporates both a glossary of technical terms used to describe the FinTech landscape, as well as a list of companies that currently operate in FinTech services.

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