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Check If A Homework Has Been Plagiarized With These Tools

Are you looking for a copy checker software that enables you to identify any duplicated text in your students assignments? Then, you should check if a homework has been plagiarized with these tools.

As a teacher, you surely are aware about the possibility that your students may be copying internet data to solve the homework you assign them. For example, have you seen complex words in their homework that do not sound as if they were their owns? Or sentences too long that do not make much sense?

Therefore, in the case you have, you should use a copied text detector to dispel any doubts you have about the assignments you are reading. After all, plagiarism is no good under any circumstances, and can seriously affect the academic development of your students. In addition to that, it can also cause you several headaches you do not need to put up with.

However, it is known that checking word-by-word any text could become a hard process. That is why we present you in this article several tools online you can use in order to check if a homework has been plagiarized.


Cheplag is a cutting-edge software that will allow you to detect any copied text. It provides large databases and powerful algorithms, so you can check just in a few clicks whether if your students assignments have been copied from someone else’s work or not.

This first-level API enable you to check up to 50,000 words for free and also provides immediate results with highlighted portion of duplicated text by the searching all over the web. Besides, its friendly design will turn the assessment process in a simple step you can easily incorporate to your routine. That is why we strongly recommend you to start using this saas, so you can both save time and work.


Duplichecker is a very well known API available online which works as a checker detector. It offers you the possibility to copy on its platform up to 25,000 words you want to take a well look at, and it provides the percentage of text that has been copied. Therefore, it is a quick plagiarism detector you can put to good use.


Unicheck is another text analyst you can use in order to see if a homework has been copied or not. Above all, it can help you in your assessment process by providing an extensive tool set and clear layout that will allow you to see any lack of authenticity on your student’s assignments.

In conclusion, if what you are seeking is to improve the quality of the education you are giving to your grades, these tools will represent the answer you are looking for. 

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