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How To Find Out Lumber Prices In Indian Rupees?

Are you from India and need to stock up on lumber? Before that, you must first know its price. For that case, we recommend using this API.

Wood is a natural, flexible and resistant material with which the different types of known trees generate their trunks. In general terms, it is an extremely useful material for human beings, who have used it since ancient times, and also for other forms of life that feed on its accumulated biomass. It is an abundant, renewable, cheap and easy-to-work raw material that, processed correctly, can withstand time and survive for many years.

Lumber is an extremely versatile material with which numerous human industries can be fed. For example, furniture, tool handles, containers, cabinets, tables or chairs can be made. It is also widely used to build entire houses, stairs inside them, floors, windows, among other things. On the other hand, it is often widely used as a raw material for carving and handicrafts, as a fuel material in wood-fired ovens, either for heating or cooking. Last but not least, it is processed to obtain the cellulose needed to make paper.

Currently, India has a total of 1.38 billion inhabitants, who need to stock up on lumber for different purposes. Not only to warm up in winter, but to build houses, since this material is much cheaper than cement. That is why, if you are an Indian businessman, we recommend you use Commodities-API to check its price and avoid unexpected increases.

How To Find Out Lumber Prices In Indian Rupees?

Why Commodities-API?

Commodities-API is actually a free public API that gives you the opportunity to see the prices of commodities such as cotton, ethanol, natural gas or lumber (the product you need). In order to obtain them, what you need to do is register on its website, select an available plan (free, basic and professional), receive the API key and then choose the currency and the chosen product. In your case, you should check in the documentation what the symbols are for lumber and for Indian rupees. Once finished, you will be able to use the API and get the prices quickly.

Another important fact about this service is its ability to provide data with a precision of 2 decimal points and an update frequency of only 60 seconds. But remember, the latter will depend on the plan you choose (free or paid), since each one has its pros and cons.

In case you have any problems or if you have any doubts with the programming languages, don’t worry, the company’s advisors are online from 10 am to 7 pm (eastern Time) to help you. Just send a message via the contact form or email and the customer support team will be with you shortly. Urgent requests are usually handled within minutes.

How To Find Out Lumber Prices In Indian Rupees?

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