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Check This API To Receive SGE Rates In Only Seconds

Would you like to receive data from Shanghai Gold Exchange? Well, using this SGE API, you can get these prices in just seconds! To find out more about this API, you just have to read this article, which contains a lot of interesting information about this API.

The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) commemorated its 20th birthday in October 2022. After two decades, SGE has established itself as the driving force behind the development of the gold market in China, bringing a wide range of products, enhancing market efficiency, and promoting further market liberalization, all while acting as a link between the domestic and global markets via its Main Board and International Board. For China, SGE is a first-rate information source, the most important of all, and is located in a city as large and important as Shanghai.

SGE has maintained its position as the largest physical gold trading exchange in the world for 14 years running. In 2020, it generated trading revenues of RMB 43.32 trillion (US$ 6.71 trillion), trading 58,671.55 tons of gold and 4,214,652.42 tons of silver. In fact, gold is becoming more and more important to Chinese citizens and Chinese companies. Each time, the amount of gold available in that country is getting larger, since gold is an excellent way to protect yourself against international crises.

There is currently a war in Europe, which significantly affected the prices of many products and brought uncertainty to world markets. But gold remained stable and for this reason, for China (the second-world power) it is important to have a tool that will allow them to access SGE prices in a matter of seconds. Therefore, we want to invite you to use and test Metals – API! This is an awesome API, designed to deliver these prices very quickly.

Check Metals – API to receive SGE Rates in only seconds

It doesn’t matter if they are SGE rates or LME Rates, or LMBA rates, there is nothing impossible for this wonderful API. When API providers of Metals – API created this API, they made sure to use the most advanced technology and for this reason, this API is the fastest on the entire internet. Thanks to this service, you will be able to access SGE prices with a precision of 2 decimal places and a frequency of 60 seconds. This means that if you were to look up the price of gold, it would take only a few seconds for the system to find the rates. If you wanted to update the information again, you would only have to wait 60 seconds. 1 minute is a very short time!

In order to use this service more efficiently, on the website, you will find a lot of information such as API structure, endpoints, prices, methods, potential errors and code examples. It is important to read all the information or at least read the part that you need the most. In any case, remember that customer service will be available if you have any problems. Metals – API probably has the best customer support on the entire web!

If you are not interested in very long texts, you can directly use the Quickstart Tool. At the click of a button, you will be able to see the 5 most important endpoints (such as the “historical” endpoint, and “latest” endpoint, among others), all very simple and easy.

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