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Chilean platform focused on construction reaches the Mexican market

The growth of the economy in Latin America shows signs of stagnation, however, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) predicted a 1.3% growth for Mexico. While the figure is below government expectations, it is still a very attractive market for Chilean startup expansion.

The key elements

And is that its geographical location, political stability, inflation, laws for entrepreneurship and business synergy with the US, are the key elements that the Chilean entrepreneur seeks to grow. In this context, Cloud Quality – specialists in the management of quality and production of works – began operations in Mexico, implementing its technology in projects of the company Tierra y Armonía.

Quality Cloud is a software in the cloud of control, management and productivity in works that allows to monitor and control each phase of the project, as well as handle the statistical information of successes and errors in the constructions in real time, so that at the time of the delivery of the property, the satisfaction indicators do not go down.

The importance of the use of AI

Today they have incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to their modules, to project and improve construction processes, becoming the first to use the data generated in the industry intelligently. As well as they have managed to reduce after-sales consultations in the projects that have implemented them.

“The use of data in an intelligent and applied way in the quality management of the works, is the first stone to reach the standards of the Japanese or German constructions. It is not enough to have data because yes, it is necessary to project them, interpret them to improve the experience “says Robinson Fuentes, co-founder of Cloud Quality.

The manual quality management process is what, in the opinion of the creators of Quality Cloud, delays the works harming the company and the customer. In this sense they detail that their solution is able to optimize the process of quality management of the works through the review of the processes, the daily control of the planning and the programming of the phases, ensuring compliance with the estimated times and with the quality offered, so that it is not the after-sales service that has to solve the mistakes of the past.

The Chilean challenge

The Chilean has set itself the challenge of operating in Guadalajara and Mexico City, cities that exceed 30 million inhabitants. In July, they formally signed the company constitution in Colombia, thus expanding the market for construction quality in Latin America.

During 2018, Calidad Cloud invoiced 900 thousand dollars and projected a 35% increase for 2019, without considering in those numbers its expansion to Mexico.

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