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CO2 API: Why Is It So Necessary?

Integrating a CO2 API into your business is one step closer to change. Enable your company to be sustainable and help the world. 

It is public knowledge that our world is undergoing damaging consequences. Animals are dying, waters are becoming toxic, and forests have non-stop fires. One of the actions that are making this worse by the day is the emissions of CO2 humans are emitting. 

The number one wrongdoers of this are industries. Since their production never stops, they are continuously emitting CO2 and harming our planet. It s time they understand that without a healthy world companies can’t succeed. People are also getting intoxicated by the gases surrounding us. This is causing oxygen to be less, a lack of water, and vegetation.

Therefore, just like companies are enhancing their performances and using technologies to grow their income; they should be using those techs to track their CO2 emissions in the hope of reducing them. All of this is possible with the integration of a CO2 API. We’ll end this article by approaching Carbon API. For now, let’s navigate better what CO2 is and how it affects us. 


Let’s Approach CO2

CO2 or carbon dioxide is a molecule that at ambient temperature and pressure appears in a gaseous state. This molecule is made up of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms and is present in the air we breathe. 

It is absolutely harmless and, in fact, it is necessary for the metabolism of some species, mainly plants and vegetables. The problem with carbon dioxide is that it is at higher than normal concentration levels in the atmosphere, which is why it is necessary to reduce emissions of this gas.

Life on Earth needs CO2, in addition to allowing plants to breathe, to create a certain greenhouse effect that retains the temperature in the environment. The great danger is that we increase the concentration of CO2 and this greenhouse effect is greater than necessary to maintain the balance of life on the planet. 

Elevated concentrations of CO2 raise the global temperature above what is recommended and this is dangerous because it creates an imbalance in ecosystems and in the life of species. This is why CO2 is considered a greenhouse gas and the fight to eradicate it from human activity seeks to avoid excessive warming of the atmosphere.

As you can see, CO2 is necessary, but like most things, in excess, it is extremely harmful. Industries like beauty, petroleum, and electricity are producing massive volumes of CO2 by the second. Hence, they are killing the planet by the second. 

In consequence, companies must start taking action, and introducing Carbon API is a great step. Let’ ‘s see why. 

Best CO2 API: Carbon API

Carbon API is an application programming interface that comes to help reduce the CO2 emissions that are consuming our world. Its goal is to make companies and industries aware of their daily activities in order to catch which ones produce the most CO2. 

As a result, they can reduce those activities, measure better their time, offer sustainable options, and more. For example, with a CO2 API businesses can know their carbon footprint and plant trees, reduce their paper consumption, add recycling measures in the company, and more. 

Additionally, one of the great features the interface offers is a friendly dashboard that details all about the corporation’s CO2 emissions. This way they can have a clear and price view of their damaging activities and gain awareness.

Get This Carbon Calculator API now.


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