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Commodity, Stock and Forex Data: Where To Get It

Are you starting in the market? You don’t know how to do it? Read this article to learn how to invest in commodities!

A commodity is a basic good used in business that may be exchanged for other similar products. Commodities are frequently utilized as raw materials in the manufacture of other items or services. The quality of a particular product may vary slightly from producer to producer, but it is generally consistent. Commodities must also fulfill set minimum requirements, commonly known as a base grade, when they are traded on an exchange.

Commodity, Stock and Forex Data: Where To Get It

The primary premise is that there is little difference between a product produced by one producer and a commodity produced by another. Regardless of the manufacturer, a barrel of oil is essentially the same commodity. In contrast, when it comes to electronics, the quality and functionality of a particular product might vary drastically depending on the manufacturer.

Grain, gold, meat, oil, and natural gas are examples of classic commodities. Financial goods, such as foreign currencies and indices, have lately been included to the term. New sorts of commodities are being traded in the marketplace as a result of technological advancements. Consider minutes and bandwidth on a cell phone.

Forex Data

The global electronic marketplace for trading foreign currencies and currency derivatives is known as Forex (FX). Despite the fact that the FX market has no central physical location, it is the world’s largest and most liquid market by trading volume, with billions of dollars changing hands every day. Banks, brokers, and financial institutions handle the majority of trade.

These entities also provide data to sites that are responsible for giving monetized information to their customers. The vast majority of these sites work through APIs, which are computer software. One platform we recommend is Commodities-API


It’s a portal that, among other things, sells monetized data on coffee, cereals, and oils. It gets them through an API, which takes less than a minute to set up after establishing agreements with financial institutions.

Commodity, Stock and Forex Data: Where To Get It

Registration Steps

The advantage of Commodities-API is that it is incredibly user-friendly. To do so, take the following steps:

• Go to the website and create a user account.

• Decide on a currency and a product.

• On the dashboard, create an API-request, and the program will answer with an API-response, and you’re good to start!


SSL encryption is used by the Commodities-API to secure web-to-web connections. Financial firms utilize this type of security. This API then retrieves information from financial organizations or even the World Bank.

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