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Companies in the FinTech industry: Taxfix GmbH

The industry has grown and grown out of its infancy. There are so many companies that shape the industry but not all are equally known. Who are the companies that are the glue between finance and digital technologies? In our series “FinTech companies” we give companies or start-ups from the payment and banking industry the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Taxfix GmbH

Taxfix is the mobile tax declaration assistant. Tedious completing complicated tax forms is superfluous with the app. Any smartphone owner, whether with iOS or Android, can quickly and easily create his tax return within 20 minutes. After the user has scanned their payroll tax statement and answered a series of simple questions, Taxfix calculates the amount of the tax refund. As in an interview, the Taxfix app asks the user questions. This will collect all necessary data and calculate the amount of tax refund possible. Thereafter, the user can submit his tax return directly through the app to his local tax office.

Facts and figures about Taxfix

Distribution channel: B2C

Target group: Private customers

Destination country: Germany

Status of financing: Series A

Further financing planned ?: still unclear

Name of the product (s): Taxfix “The tax app Taxfix helps with the tax return – and waives official German and paper economy.”

The Business Model of Taxfix

The use of the app itself is free. For a flat fee of 34.99 euros, the user can submit the tax return to his tax office.

Taxfix: the founders & investors

Founders: Mathis Büchi and Lino Teuteberg

Investors: Valar Ventures, Creandum, Redalpine

Milestones: what Taxfix has achieved so far

  • Launch the app for iOS in the summer of 2017
  • Launch for Android in Dec. 2017
  • joint investment since the end of 2018
  • Launch of the web application (browser) for desktop users scheduled for Mar 2019.

Onboarding version is already running:

What makes Taxfix so special?

We want to accelerate the process of private taxation fundamentally and make it accessible to everyone.

In interview mode all relevant information for the tax declaration is collected.

All questions are to be answered without tax knowledge. If something is still not clear, provide info text help.

Taxfix creates the tax documents & transfers them from the app electronically to the responsible tax office. An own ELSTER certificate of the user is not necessary.

In 20 minutes, the user is finished with his tax return.

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