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Barcelona’s ID Finance, the second fastest-growing FinTech

ID Finance, the FinTech company specialized in emerging markets based in Barcelona, has been ranked 84th in the FT 1000 list of the fastest growing European companies and is the second fastest growing FinTech in Europe

We analyzed the company’s growth over 3 years, from 2014 to 2017

The revenue of ID Finance was multiplied by 12 during that period. The leader of the FT 1000 ranking is the UK company, Blue Motor Finance (the revenue grew 513 times). The food delivery company Deliveroo, ranked second in the United Kingdom (growth x157), third in the ranking is the Taxi taxi Estonian service (growth x122).

In addition to ID Finance, the list includes different FinTech players well known in the sector such as: Zopa (UK, 304% growth rate), Instantor (Sweden, 252%), Lendinvest (UK, 1042%), iwoca (UK, 817) %), Kantox (UK, 482%), Trustly Group (Sweden, 362%). The 2019 list is dominated by the technology sector, with 149 companies. The leader last year, the German company Hellofresh, went down to 88th place in this year’s rating.

Fast-growing companies in Europe face great challenges ahead, from the potential disruption of Brexit to the end of the easy money era. But in this annual report, the ranking of FT 1000 suggests that there are still many options to increase revenues in a fast way.

The media team conducted a study jointly with the Statista service

The organizers identified thousands of potential companies and invited them to participate. The information gathered for the study comes from different sources, going through the company’s reports, public sources and databases. To enter the rating, the company’s revenue should be more than 100,000 euros in 2014 and more than 1.5 million euros in 2017.

The country with the most presence in the study was Germany (230 projects). Many companies also showed statistics on the growth of the number of employees. The biggest growth in personnel was for Delivery Hero. For 3 years, the food technology company has hired about 12,000 employees.

ID Fijance led an increase in revenue of 236% in 2018

The company uses machine learning and advanced data analysis techniques to improve access to competitive financial services.

Based in Barcelona, ID Finance has a team of more than 320 people spread across the Moneyman.es and Plazo.es products in Spain, Brazil and Mexico, with IT equipment located in Minsk. The founders of the company previously worked in banks such as Deutsche Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. The company now has 1.2 million registered customers. ID Finance has raised rounds of 10 million dollars in equity funding and 50 million dollars in debt funding to date.

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