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Costa Ricans create the very first d-wallet for Central America

A mobile wallet that manages funds in an easy way within an application, is the project developed by Costa Rican company Fintech Viral Media S.A., through technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Simply Lisa application, already available in the country, is an option to help non-banking people and also stimulate collaborative economies. It will be present in Nicaragua and Guatemala in 2019, however, its main objective is to be available throughout Central America before 2021.

It also manages funds in a simple way, which is equivalent to a simplified account, which is defined as an account that can be opened quickly and easily by simply registering in the application and sending a photograph of the current identification document, as well as the mobile phone number.

Also, through it you can cancel public services such as water, electricity and telephone and pay for products inside stores and services. Simply Lisa also receives direct payments in the purse from user to user and from bank to user.

To deposit money to the purse, it can be done through BN National Bank points or at the points of sale of the application; in them, besides depositing, money is withdrawn and purchases are made.

“With the Simply Lisa mobile wallet, users can, for example, receive and send remittances, pay payroll and withdraw money with ease and security. Cash becomes mobile money, “explains Milena Schroeder, general manager of Simply Lisa.

According to Schroeder, the focus is to create ecosystems that include banked and unbanked.

More than a mobile purse

Those who use the application, also has the option of using a locator for keywords and a store where promotions and special discounts for users of the mobile wallet stand out.

Currently there are more than 10 thousand products in the store of suppliers of micro and medium companies registered, which can create offers to encourage their products and / or online services and maintain the status of their orders from your phone or computer.

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