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Crowdfunding in Britain? Up to hundreds of thousands of pounds for energy startups

British energy accelerator Energy Systems Catapult solves clever refueling of electric cars or low-carbon heating control in British homes. Not only the possibilities of crowdfunding and energy innovation were discussed in the video interview for Roklen24 server accelerator manager Eric Appleton.

What is your Energy Systems Catapult doing?

Energy Systems Catapult is a non-profit innovation agency. Our goal is to help with innovation in the British energy sector.

What is Living Lab?

Living Lab now includes one hundred households. The goal is to test new business models for products and services. It examines how consumers respond to them. It also investigates whether it will ensure a smooth transition to low-carbon services and solutions in the future.

How important is money for energy startups?

Money is very important, every startup needs funding. In the UK we have a large number of programs available for startups. There are various options, such as crowdfunding, where you can start at as little as £ 5,000. You can go up to several hundred thousand pounds. Government also contributes to crowdfunding. In addition, there is a large community of angel investors and venture capital looking for a way to invest in clean technologies, clean energy, to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Eric Appleton works at the Energy Systems Catapult on a platform that helps startups bring new energy and innovation in the clean energy market. He is particularly interested in digital platforms and the capabilities they provide for local energy systems. He previously held senior positions in BlackBerry, AT&T and British Telecom.

The video interview with Eric Appleton was filmed at the 2nd edition of the Share Your Energy conference, held on 16 October in Prague. The authors of innovations, the world’s most interesting tech energy-makers, eco-engineers and innovation leaders from global companies arrived in the Czech Republic.

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