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Tag: Innovation

The importance of innovation and how to catch the eye: The TeleClinic case

Consultation with just one touch The stomach ache starts after the late supper, shortly after 11pm. Because the practice of his family doctor has long been closed and for the way to the emergency room because of an important customer appointment the next day is no time, Peter Jäger reaches…

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What are the challenges of banks in the era of technological revolution?

In the framework of the second edition of the CEO Summit Open Innovation, the main banks of Peru expressed the importance of betting on open innovation hand in hand with the fintech. The central theme of the meeting was “Open Innovation in Financial Services and Banking” and reflected on the…

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Blockchain will no longer dominate the Fintech world

The blockchain hype train has been derailed as people realize that the technology won’t change things overnight. That’s the view of Fintech heavyweight Chris Skinner, Chair of the European networking forum The Financial Services Club and Nordic Finance Innovation. In a blog post, he says, “I used to blog about…

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Bernese startups scene keeps over 50 startups in the crib

Every year, there are 50 new startups in the canton. The scene is relatively small, but growing steadily, says a consultant. “I discover something new here every day,” says Lars Diener-Kimmich. He knows his way around the small Bernese startup world. Small world, because Lausanne and Zurich would have more…

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This is why Visa thinks Latin America is having a financial innovation

The incorporation of innovation in the corporate culture, investments in high technology and solid collaborations are shaping the digital landscape in a region where consumers consider that convenience, personalized service and new technologies are differentiating factors. The Visa Innovation Center has published The State of Innovation in Latin America, the…

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