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Crypto app as a wallet for some important coins

Savedroid is not an unknown provider in the international fintech technology growth services industry. The last message around the company went back in early 2018 with an advertising effective hoax proverbial backfires. Now there is news from the environment of the developer. With its new concept, Savedroid now wants to finally land a big hit. It’s about a mobile app that brings together as a wallet credit card payments and digital currencies. The motto surrounding the new application is promising according to media reports “Savedroid: Save in cryptocurrency”.

Offer for Android and Apple users ready to download

Anyone who plays the app for Apple iOS and Google Android via the popular download portals on their tablet or smartphone can now transfer funds to their own wallet and make payments by credit card in this connection. There are already first reports that extensions are planned within the app in the coming months. Until then, the crypto app for the two major operating systems is limited to four of the most important digital currencies at the moment. These include Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin for the launch. Investments in these coins can be made directly through the Savedroid Wallet.

Credit and debit cards provided as means of payment

As an extra, the company relies on AI (artificial intelligence) development, which distributes wallet funds in an automated way to the useable currencies. Of course, wallet owners can make their own investment decisions as usual. If you want to withdraw money from Wallet, you can either do so via credit card or use a new digital debit card. According to current reports, the service provider is expected to generate its turnover through transactions (3%) as well as payments (flat rate 10 €). About revenue sharing for the use of the debit card can currently only be speculated. Also because it is not yet known on which card provider Savedroid sets.

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