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Adoption of cryptocurrencies is on the rise worldwide

The adoption of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is on the rise worldwide, even though industry critics are once again talking about a bubble. The Jamaica Stock Exchange has announced that it intends to integrate cryptocurrencies into its commerce, making it accessible to companies from around the world. JSE…

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A new cryptocurrency index for game technology tokens

The crypto currency index provider AltDex has introduced a crypto currency index for game technology tokens. The company announced the development in a blog post. AltDex has developed a benchmark index for the blockchain gaming category called AltDex Gaming Index. The Index seeks to detect cryptocurrencies and tokens from blockchain-based…

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The entry of major technology companies in financial services could change to the banking sector

Banks in the European Union could have an instantaneous payment system by 2020, according to a Reuters report of June 26. According to the report, real-time payments have been possible in the euro zone since 2017, but only about half of the banks in the bloc adhered to the initiative.…

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A Viennese startup offering an alternative to the dominating Ethereum platform

The character string “0bs” in 0bsnetwork stands for “Zero Bullshit”. The Vienna Blockchain startup wants to offer a faster, more financially easier to plan and easier to handle alternative to Ethereum. We talked to founder Srdjan Kupresanin. “Our slogan ‘Zero Bullshit’ in the name is a clear reference to 95…

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Blockchain startup Orbs receives South Korean investment

South Korea’s largest news app operator Kakao has invested in Orbs, an Israeli blockchain startup. The report states that Orbs did not disclose the scope of the investment. In addition, the startup reportedly said that this investment builds on the existing partnership with Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of Cocoa.…

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A Siwss crypto startup helping others to bring crypto assets to the public market

According to a blog post by the US tech company TechCrunch, the Swiss blockchain startup Amun AG has taken in a financing round about four million US dollars in venture capital. As the startup announced in its own PR release, investors include many notable personalities including Adam Draper, founder of…

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