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Crypto is the future: 10 things you can buy with cryptocurrencies

Björk music, smartphones, trips, exclusive dinners in restaurants of the Condesa, tours through Teotihuacán and even Xbox consoles, are some of the things that you can already pay and give using cryptocurrencies in Mexico through an application.

Bitso, a platform for handling digital currencies, launched its application in which users can access their assets easily, transparently and securely from their smartphones. It offers, among other things, to consult the prices of cryptocurrencies; send and receive digital coins; buy and sell at market price and make purchases in different establishments and sites. In addition, with the Bitso Transfer function, users can make transfers between their acquaintances at no cost, either in digital currency or in national currency.

The future of paying

“With more than 64 million Mexicans who have a smartphone, the future of paying for everything from our cell phone is getting closer and closer, and that is precisely the aim of the Bitso app: that managing digital currencies is as simple as sending a text message”, explains Pablo González, co-founder of Bitso.

Here 10 examples of gifts that can be paid this season with cryptocurrencies from the Bitso app:

Travel: What better gift than a complete experience. Expedia, Cheapair and Travel Agency360 are sites that accept bitcoin payments.

A dinner: To continue with experience gifts, how about a dinner in Pixza, Taj Mahal de la Condesa or even some delicious Golden Braun battered tacos?

A historical tour through Teotihuacan: The Teotihuacán Tours & Travel page accepts bitcoins to pay for their experiences at this site. Microsoft Products: If you do not know what game you want, better give it Xbox credits paid with bitcoin. With these credits you can buy video games and other applications.

Jewelery: In the Mexican store Tumbiko, you can buy jewelry made in Mexico with bitcoin. Smartphones, laptops and electronic accessories: From a computer, an Xbox to a cell phone case. The Newegg site accepts bitcoins as a payment method. Movies: Through Microsoft applications, you can buy credits with bitcoin, and with them buy and download movies. Music: The artist Bjork, through its website, allows the purchase and download of their albums with different cryptocurrencies. Works of art: Bitpremier sells works of art ranging from a beautiful Chinese antiquity to drawings by Picasso. It depends on how splendid you want to be. Gold: Certain companies accept the purchase of ounces of gold in exchange like JM Bullion.

According to company data, more than 35% of users who have digital currencies use them to make purchases and online payments.

A few days ago it was announced that Mexico consolidated its first Blockchain Association, which brings together seven firms from companies that share interest in technology applications, among them Volabit, BIVA, GBM, Lvna Capital, ConsenSys, Exponent Capital and Bitso.

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