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Tag: cryptocurrency

The entrance of two new exchanges of currencies

The main financial regulator of Japan has shared with news.Bitcoin.com some statistics related to cryptocurrency exchange records. Of the 23 new applications received by the regulator, two have been approved so far. In addition, there are more than 140 companies more interested in entering the market. More than 140 interested…

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The Government of Chile will regulate cryptocurrencies and fintech

The Minister of Finance of the Government of Chile, Felipe Larraín, announced from the United States the sending to Congress of a bill to regulate Fintech and cryptocurrencies. This was reported by Ahora Noticias, on April 15. Minister Felipe Larraín explained: “Attending to the different forms taken by the business…

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The Reserve Bank of India’s regulatory sandbox accepts blockchain, excludes crypto

The Reserve Bank of India announced the terms of its regulatory sandbox environment in its report on April 18. According to the terms of the sandbox, several applications of the blockchain technology can be tested. While the projects related to the cryptocurrency are clearly excluded. Regulators around the world use…

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The searches of the term bitcoin are triggered by 3 in Google

The rise in prices multiplies by 3 the searches of the word bitcoin in Google. Searches of the term “bitcoin” in the Google search engine almost doubled during the recent market rebound, according to the data provided by Google Trends. According to the trend analysis platform of the US giant,…

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