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Cybercrime: An urgent and evolving threat

Cyber attacks are everywhere

Nowadays banking, personal data, business secrets and even intellectual property are in constant threat of getting affected by cybercrime. Besides, a company can also be sabotaged in the form of denial-of-service attacks. Even methods such as flooding can damage and deactivate systems as well as infrastructures. At the same time, a considerable part of cybercrime remains undetected. In particular, industrial espionage is rarely noticed in time, and their access to confidential information can last for years causing serious damage to the company concerned. In addition, most cases of cybercrime are not reported.

You need to act before you are  affected. We’re here to help you protect your industry from cybercrime. We test your IT systems, find and assess security vulnerabilities, train your employees on the correct behavior in cyber attacks and provide holistic advice on the most important and latest security topics for expanding your security strategy.

Opportunities for startups

There is a growing demand from the business community and governments for innovative solutions for cyber security issues. Startups can play a crucial role under this circumstance. It is extremely important that startups jump into that gap, because too much dependence on cyber security expertise from other countries is undesirable.

Startups and other companies can even distinguish themselves in the area of ​​cyber security.In this way, the call for business reliability will continue to grow. Making digital security part of the daily processes will pay off in the long term.

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