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Delete Invalid Phone Numbers From Your Database Using An aPI

Do you want to delete invalid phone numbers from your database? If the answer is yes, you should use an API!

You may not know; but almost five percent of the numbers that are registered each year are thought to get invalid overtime. Even though this number is much lower than email obsolescence, it still has a bigger impact because; for businesses, it is more expensive. Just think about it; sending a single SMS costs money, and this cost increases if the SMS is sent to an international phone number; whereas sending an email costs zero cents.

Because of this, businesses try to use alternative channels to continue collecting valid phone numbers for their marketing strategy. However, if they can identify phone numbers that are no longer valid before the start of a campaign; they will be able to save time and money, while increasing their clientele. Luckily for them, nowadays there is an easy way to do this; and is by using a phone number validation API.

Benefits Of Using A Phone Number Validator API

It is common knowledge that two programs can connect to each other and exchange data through an Application Programming Interface (API). Hence, the ability to obtain precise information about a phone number, such as its type and status as a valid number, is made possible by a phone number validator API. Business may benefit from using this tool, because:

If they regularly verify the customer number(s) in their customer database; they can be confident that the customer number(s) are still reachable. This decreases delivery errors when SMS or voice campaigns are launched.

Furthermore, by verifying the information, they will be able to distinguish between mobile line numbers and fixed line numbers. For instance, this will ensure that they don’t attempt to send text messages to fixed phone numbers if they want to contact their coustumer through SMS.

Therefore, the fastest way to check a phone number’s validity and get information about it is without a doubt using an API. However, not all online-available APIs are the most dependable. Thus, we advise choosing a trustworthy and secure API, such as Phone Number Validator API. This is a trustworthy tool that is accessible through Zyla API Hub.

How To Detect Invalid Phone Numbers With This API

1. Sign up by creating and account at the reliable API marketplace Zyla API Hub. Once you are done, you’ll receive an unique API key; that can be used to make API calls to any API at Zyla API Hub.

2. Authenticate your API key by including your bearer token in the Authorization header. After this, you can start making API calls.

3. To validate a phone number, simply add it as a parameter to your API call; and execute the API call to get the information you need.

That’s all! After executing the API call you should wait a short while. The information about the phone number will be delivered quickly by the API. Within seconds, you will know if it is a valid phone number that you should keep in your database, or not!

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