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Digital Marketing: S4 Capital the new business of Martin Sorrell (ex-CEO WPP)

A few months ago, Martin Sorrell, the former President of WPP, announced that he has established a new business called S4 Capital, which he announced will essentially be a new-era company, totally different from WPP and with a significant focus in countries like India. , where you see an immense potential. “S4 Capital will focus on platforms that are much more flexible and faster,” Sorrell said at a press conference at Cannes Lions 2018.

“I hear what the CMOs say. They are demanding more flexibility, faster, better costs, global level, that’s where everything goes. Most agencies do not conform to these points and this is the new era, “he said.

Sorrell aims for S4 Capital to look like Accentures because they are moving in the same direction. “Accentures does not compete for $ 5 million projects, they compete for $ 200 million projects,” he said.

It also uncovered that the lines are blurring in the services offered by the various media agencies and that the industry needs consolidation. “If we look at the individual agencies within the holding companies, what is the real difference? If you look at Group M in that case, what is the difference between Mindshare, Mediacom and Wavemaker? The difference is only in our minds and the people who work in them. But for customers, it’s the same. “

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