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Discover Iron Ore Rates In Canadian Dollars With This API

Are you Canadian? Looking to get iron rates in Canadian dollars? Well here in this article you will find the solution to your problems! We introduce you to the best precious metals API.

Iron is the chemical element whose atomic number is 26. It is a malleable metal, of great tenacity and ductility, which is found in large quantities in the crust of our planet. Iron (a term that comes from the Latin word ferrum) is the most widely used metal in the industrial field. For the human being, the importance of iron, whose symbol is Faith, is enormous. In fact, there is a historical period known as the Iron Age, a name linked to the discovery and the boom in the use of this metal for the manufacture of tools and weapons.

Iron is the most widely used hard metal, accounting for 95% by weight of world metal production. Today iron is used in numerous fields, through the steel industry, a technique that allows iron ore to be treated to produce various alloys. In this framework, the alloy known as steel, which is the mixture of iron with carbon, is highly demanded due to its low price and toughness, especially in automobiles, ships and structural components of buildings. In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that iron is also the mineral that must be found in the human body.

Currently, Australia, Brazil and China lead the podium of the countries that produce the most iron worldwide, which export their iron to other countries such as Canada. Therefore, if you want to see iron prices in Canadian dollars quickly, easily and cheaply, the Metals-API service will satisfactorily meet your expectations. It is very important to use it, since the volatility of the world market causes prices to increase or decrease from one day to the next.

Use Metals-API

Its name explains it perfectly, this service is an API (Application Programming Interfaces) and its function is to allow the exchange of information between two independent software components. It was created so that investors, traders and anyone else interested in buying, selling or exchanging metals, can see prices easily and simply.

It currently works with a large number of metals such as gold, silver, lithium, aluminum, copper, and of course, iron ore. The information is 100% as it comes from sources like the London Metal Exchange. In fact, it is the best LME historical rates API. As for the currency, it can be whatever you want, even the Canadian dollar.

How to use Metals-API?

1. First you need to go to and at the top right you will find “get API key”.
2. Then on the main screen you will find the option to register and choose a plan. There are 7 in total, one of them is free and the rest are paid. The prices are adapted according to the needs of each person, from 10 dollars to 1,200 dollars per year.
3. After this, select the metal (iron ore) and Canadian dollars.
4. When you are done with all of the above, make the API call.

As a programming language, you can choose between JSON and PHP.

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