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How To Get Flight Data Of Regional Express Using An API

Do you want to make a database with all the flight data of different airlines? If your goal is to collect airline information in order to compare their performances you get to the right article! Here we are going to tell you what tool you can use to start your project.   

Airplanes are the fastest passenger transport mode known. We’ve already used them since their invention, in 1933. Aviation has many advantages but the most relevant is its ability to carry heavy objects besides people. This allows business chiefs to send their products by air in only a few hours.  

There are many airports all over the world, almost one in every main city of each country. A piece of oiled machinery surrounds the aviation industry. From different types of airlines to airdrome infrastructure and workers, it’s a consolidated trade.

Talking about airways, Rex Airlines, also called Regional Express, is the largest Australian airline in the south of the country. Since 2002, it has transported people to more than 60 destinations. It operates in 11 cities and works with district and domestic services as well. We can fly, for example, from Sydney to Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast, and Adelaide. 

Why searching for Flight Data?

If you belong to the tourism & travel area, you should know flight data can be easily tracked. But, why is it good to know about that information? Because it could improve your services, demonstrating the safety of your flights and the score of your company. 

You would have live data straight in your hands. This is a great advance because you will have consistent facts to strengthen your campaign. For example, if you are a trip agency, you can show your clients diverse airplane brands so they can choose better. Or you could use it for developing an app or website, so they can monitor their flight. 

So, how can we obtain flight data? We can use an IATA codes API. IATA means International Air Transport Association and it provides a location identifier. It has three letters that describe each airport worldwide. Using this technology you can search the cipher and immediately see what’s happening in that terminal.   

Of all the aviation APIs that you can find online, we suggest Flight Labs. This sophisticated and free platform will allow you to search and automatically collect information since the day you sign up. What kind of material?

Let’s make a list: 

  • arrivals and departures of more than 13,000 airlines
  • daily flights and the exact point of fly
  • updated aviation taxes
  • every airplane route that exists in over 250 countries
  • airport status 
  • flight schedules and timetables
  • IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ICAO (International Civil Airport Organisation) codes 
  • database of: countries, cities, airports, airlines, routes and so much more! 

Flight Labs is built with artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology (AI). Works in JSON, Phyton, PHP, and other programming languages. It will provide you with the most recent information accessible. Stop doubting what to do and better start improving your company with the help of this modern software. No need to be installed.

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