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Do You Use Java Script? You Can Easily Integrate This Metals-API To Convert Currencies

Are you looking to get an API that will keep you aware of metals’ tendencies, prices, and currencies? Try Metals-API now. 

Currently, industries and companies have the possibility of obtaining information faster and more precisely. This is because technologies have grown in accordance with the needs of businesses. Therefore, techs like APIs have been revolutionizing to the point that they are now a crucial part of any company. The same, for the development of programming languages like Java Script. 

For example, the metallurgical industry is one that thrives in the power of APIs. Since the prices of metals are continuously changing, it is key for companies to be aware of them. Hence, they will probably integrate the Metals-API with JavaScript. 

This is because JavaScript is a Modern scripting language used to incorporate interactive features and other dynamic online content into web pages. Also, it is supposedly relatively intuitive and easy to learn.

Hence, it is common for companies that want to receive up-to-date about metals, to integrate their system with Java Script features. 


Info About Metals Today

After the pandemic, with the gradual reopening of economies around the world, metal prices rose sharply. Supply could not keep up with demand as restrictions were eased around the world, followed by the closure of mines and metal processing plants and years of lack of investment in the sector.

Indeed, mining and metal processing companies have had to preserve cash to redistribute to investors after the end of the “commodity supercycle” at the turn of the century. Today, after a rapid rise, prices appear to have stabilized as the slowdown in Chinese economic activity consolidates.

This information can provide a short overview of why it is so important to integrate a Metals-API. Due to the diversities that the world has been through and is still going through; metals and other elements receive the impact. Hence, companies all over the world are being impacted too. 

Additionally, since metals are materials that are used worldwide, it is essential for businesses to receive their prices and info in diverse currencies. Thus, implementing an API with a feature that allows converting currencies is an excellent option. Let’s see which API has all of this and more. 


Metals-API is a tool that provides companies with the latest metals news. It continuously provides real-time data regarding the price of metals, tendencies, and fluctuations. With the integration of the Metals-API, businesses can catch patterns, be aware of changes, and more. 

This application programming interface has several endpoints. Among these: 

  • Changing Base Currency
  • Convert Endpoint
  • Carat Endpoint

They all have in common, the possibility of working with different currencies and possibilities. Thus, it is an API that is compatible with all needs, languages, and businesses around the world. 

Moreover, the Metals-API is popular because of the security and sources it provides. The information comes from upright sources like the European Central Bank. Also, it makes sure to provide historical metals data that will back up the current information provided.


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