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The 3 Best API To Check Plagiarism That You Can Not Miss

Find out all about the best plagiarism API now! They will help companies and professionals create only unique content. 

In addition to the apparent truth that plagiarism is wrong because it involves using another person’s work;  search engines rapidly become aware when they find repeated information and penalize individuals who have copied it. It can be found by comparing the publication dates and using the original information as the oldest reference point.

A piece of content that has been copied and pasted onto another website virtually unchanged is referred to as plagiarism. This is rather typical on news or e-commerce websites where you occasionally have to make direct quotes from other sources.

Plagiarism damages a business’s online reputation and makes it unreliable to search engines. Moreover, copying and pasting but altering the material with synonyms or rearranging the words and sentences is also not a good idea. Nothing eludes Google, the world’s most powerful regulator, and we need to be aware of this if we want our website to offer trustworthy information while ranking highly in search results.


Therefore, companies should be aware to be introducing tools that will help them prevent plagiarism. Thankfully, plagiarism APIs exist and will take care of the reputation of the brand. 

Essentially, with this type of API, it is possible to paste the content that will be posted and the API can go through it all. Once it analyzes it, it provides an answer telling you the percentage of plagiarism the information may or may not have. 

Best Plagiarism API: 



The API called Plaraphy assists companies and writers in achieving their best and unique content. The API’s intelligence gives it the ability to go over the content and catch any possible duplicate lines.

Thanks to Plaraphy, businesses can avoid at all costs posting plagiarized information; something that could cause them to lower their position in Google. Additionally, Plaraphy has other fantastic features that will aid businesses in producing their best work.

Yes, Plaraphy functions as a summarizer API, a sentiment analysis API, and more.  It even has paraphrasing features that will help create excellent content all the time.


Copyleaks API

Copyleaks is an easy-to-integrate plagiarism API that enables companies to detect any plagiarism in seconds. It works with efficiency and provides accurate percentages of duplicated content. As a result, it becomes easy for companies to enhance their SEO performance in search engines like Google. 


Plagiarism Checker. Co

Lastly, the Plagiarism Checker is another great tool that comes to prevent plagiarism. It is extremely flexible, and accurate, and detects phrases, words, and sentences. Of course, it has clever technology like Artificial Intelligence which allows for precise detection. 

As you can see, these three options are great for any business. With the tools, it is possible to help your company enhance and become more and more popular. Now it is time to try them and see their work. 

Finally, to end on a positive note. To continue reading more, check another article here. Goodbye and keep learning!

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