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Employ This API To Quote Store Vaults In 2023

Do you have an insurance company? Need to quote Store Vaults? Well, as you know, it is very possible that in the store vaults there may be jewelry made with precious metals such as gold or silver. Therefore, you need to implement this precious metals API to get metal prices!

The storage and custody of valuables have always been the subject of great concern for those who have the responsibility for their protection. For this reason, safeguarding standards have been increasingly refined and safer vaults with better technology have been created. In the not-too-distant past, protection techniques were based on the principle that the wider a concrete wall of a vault was, the more protected it was against possible violations. This assumption has been losing value due to the advances associated with construction techniques and the properties of materials to make increasingly resistant walls. All this with a reduction of its thickness.

The vaults are armored areas with doors equipped with special lock systems and different security systems. The protection of facilities against crime is a fundamental factor for users or customers of companies or stores that protect their values. In this way, they can feel sure that their belongings, money, or jewelry will be 100% protected against thieves. But these vaults are not 100% secure. Some misfortune could happen and the contents of the vault could be violated and that is why there are insurances.

If you have a service that provides insurance for store vaults, surely this API will be very useful! The function of this service is to provide metal prices since as you know, precious metals are usually stored in secure vaults. Therefore, you must use Metals – API, to be able to quote insurance taking into account the prices of the metal.

Use Metals – API to quote store vaults!

If your insurance company wants to quote insurance for a store vault, you will need to know the price of the contents of that vault. If, for example, there are 10 gold bars in the vault, you must take into account the price of gold in order to provide a quote to the client. In order to obtain this information, Metals – API is the right option for your company. Gold, silver, rhodium, platinum, jewelry, the price you want, you can get it using this platform. The metal market prices are obtained from the most famous metal exchanges in the world such as the London Metal Exchange or NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange).

We recommend reading the documentation available on the website. Describing all the features of this platform would take a lot of time. Therefore, we recommend that you enter API Documentation to find out more about API structure, methods, potential errors, endpoints and code examples. Any questions that you cannot solve there, in that case, you should contact us through the virtual chat, with customer service support. They will solve your problems. Urgent issues are answered within minutes.

Regarding prices, we have compared them with other alternatives, and we believe that Metals – API offers the best prices. The characteristic of this platform is that it offers annual plans, not monthly. Paying once, you can enjoy the benefits for 1 full year. It’s a great opportunity to quote store vaults! Make sure you start the year 2023 using and enjoying the benefits of this platform.

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