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Every startup goes green: Global trends in new sustainable mobility

The Mobility City initiative, promoted by Fundación Ibercaja with the support of the Government of Aragon, celebrates the second Innovation Day in Madrid on November 12, with the collaboration of Plug and Play, one of the most important startup accelerators in the world, and to be held at the headquarters of Great Thornton, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

This is an international event that will announce the 32 Mobility City partners, the trends that are innovating in sustainable mobility, in which startups from Silicon Valley, United Kingdom, Israel, Paris, Amsterdam and Spain will participate, These include SharinGos, a London startup that offers a shared mobility platform; Neuro Sounware that develops an Internet-based solution of things to detect mechanical failures and monitor quality controls, or BreezoMeter, an Israeli startup that analyzes air quality in real time.

Connected vehicles, electrification, shared mobility, autonomous driving and hardware and sensors will be the axes around which the day will revolve. The content of the presentations will address topics in the mobility sector such as: Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, Human Behavior, City Analitycs and Smart Parkings, among others.

Mobility City and Plug & Play hold two summits every year, known as Innovation Day, the first one was held in Zaragoza on May 28 and it featured the development of fifteen advanced global startups in mobility.

Innovation Day of Fundación Ibercaja and Plug and Play

Fundación Ibercaja and Plug and Play signed a collaboration agreement on February 15 to globally launch the Mobility City project and provide the Ibercaja Foundation initiative partners with the best global connections in the field of sustainable mobility. One of the actions envisaged in this agreement is that the 32 companies and institutions that are members of Mobility City access the most disruptive innovations and proposals of global startups, as well as the latest trends of the different sectors involved in the revolution of connected, sustainable and autonomous mobility.

In the first call for Innovation Day, held on May 28 in Zaragoza, fifteen advanced global startups in mobility showed their developments in the areas of autonomous and connected vehicles; connectivity; electrification; shared economy and shared mobility; smart cities and infrastructure; hardware, sensors and Internet of Things (IOT); logistics of the last kilometer; virtual reality and augmented reality; Edge Computing (processing internet data of things closer to where they are created) and data analysis; voice control; artificial intelligence; 4.0 industry and indoor navigation.

On the first Innovation Day, the director of Plug and Play Smart Cities, Jaime de Borbón, explained that Innovation Day “is a day in which all the relevant actors from the different companies that are part of the Mobility City project meet, as well as representatives from the Government of Aragon, which are key actors in implementing many of the innovative solutions we present, and we hope they explore potential opportunities for collaboration. ” Plug and Play is the global innovation platform based in Silicon Valley that develops acceleration and corporate innovation programs by bringing corporations and startups together.

The fifteen startups of the II Innovation Day

SharingOS, founded in 2017 in London, is a global shared mobility platform that provides hardware and software solutions. Present in three different continents, the white-label SharingOS solutions are flexible and adaptable to different markets, allowing partners to grow in their local areas. Michael Qian, CEO, and Bin Wang, COO, will present their proposals.


Actronika is a startup founded in 2015 in Paris that develops man-machine interface solutions using patented multisensory touch technology. “Facing an increasingly digitalized world,” they explain on their website, “our mission is to re-involve people with tangible and material experiences.” Gilles Meyer and Rafal Pijewski will present their haptic proposals (referring to the sense of touch) in Innovation Day.


Breezometer is defined as “the world’s leading provider of real-time air quality data.”. “Our story – tell their creators – began in 2012, when we were looking for houses to live. We needed to find pollution-free areas due to family health sensitivities, including asthma. As environmental engineers, we understood the connection between our health and the environment, and decided that it was time to make the invisible visible.”. Ran Korber, CEO and founder, Emil Fisher, CTO and co-founder will detail their proposals.


Chargetrip, created in 2017, provides intelligent navigation for electric vehicles: “We develop powerful and intuitive applications for electric vehicle drivers, including travel planning, station overview, live navigation and integrations with payment providers.” Gideon cofounders van Dijk (CEO) and Pieter Waller (COO) will present their developments.


Cognata, founded in the United States in 2016, offers full simulation of the product life cycle for autonomous vehicle developers. It shows 3D environments of roads, buildings and infrastructure with maximum precision. Danny Atsmon, founder and CEO, and Alon Podhurst, vice president of sales, will present their products to the 32 Mobility City partners.


Iomob, founded in Barcelona in 2017, is an open technology platform that allows transport providers to offer citizens connected mobility services by creating scalable and efficient markets that are interoperable between cities. Víctor López Ferrando, co-founder, and Elizabeth Chee, COO, will be in charge of showing your offer.


TG0, founded in London in 2015, replaces the complexity of electronic sensors with a touch-sensitive material creating ergonomic, intuitive and attractive controls. It makes car manufacturers 3D touch designs that do not distract drivers. They claim that their system reduces production costs by one sixth. They will present their products King Ming, CEO, and Chia-hung Lin, CPO.

Neuron Soundware

Neuron Soundware, created in 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic, recognizes damaged machines using sound and artificial intelligence with technology that can be applied for maintenance, prevention and permanent monitoring. Its motto is “We use artificial intelligence methods to understand audio signals”. Pavel Konecny, CEO, and Tomas R Netrval, CTO, will present their developments.


Wallbox, born in Barcelona in 2015, offers intelligent and customized chargers compatible with all domestic installations and with all plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles with minimal recharge time. They also have a personal platform that manages energy in all its variables. They will explain their innovations Enric Asunción, CEO, and Eduard Castañeda, CTO.


Smartvel (Madrid, 2012) is a company specialized in destination content solutions for the entire value chain of the travel industry. Its Big Data and Machine Learning system is capable of effectively collecting, classifying, translating and geolocating the entire offer in any destination. Íñigo Valenzuela, CEO, and Jacqueline Ulrich, CCO, will demonstrate the effectiveness of this service.


Cognomotiv, United States, 2016, provides real-time services to the automotive and transportation industries to certify the safety and proper operation of connected, semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles throughout their operational life cycle. Hadi Nahari, CEO, and Srdjan Kovacevic, CTO, will showcase their products.


Eva, Electric Vision and Aircraft, founded in Toulouse in 2017, presents a compact autonomous aircraft for cargo and a vertical network of stations for air logistics adaptable to each client. Each vertical station can contain and manage 24 drones. Olivier Le Lann, CEO, and Mitsuru H., CFO, will be the ones to exhibit these developments on the II Innovation Day.


Vamos (Madrid, 2019) offers a vehicle subscription service through an app. Its motto is: “Choose the car you like best, easily and conveniently. Quick and easy. Receive it wherever you want. Renting Without Entry. Tailored to you. ” Mario Carranza, CEO, will explain how his proposal is taking off.

Energy On Site Plus

Energy On Site Plus, technological startup of the University of Zaragoza created in 2019 by engineers José Manuel Cortés Tapia, Pilar Gascón Zaragoza and the investor Óscar Landeta, offers charging solutions for the electric vehicle, self-production of renewable energy and comprehensive and optimized management of the system. They develop a complete solution for the entire value chain, making the integration of the electric vehicle viable and profitable, they study the solutions for the previous planning of the project, they develop and install the IoT hardware and software.

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